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The Cube! Gale

This week on Bootleggers saw the community welcome (for the most part) a new Help Desk Operator, namely RubiksCube. The welcome topic, as seems to be standard practice these days, did not go without its scrutiny. However that aside we caught up with the newly appointed 'yellow jacket' to talk all things Help Desk and clear up some of his past. Plus an exclusive teaser, but you'll have to read on for that!

We kicked things off by finding out a bit of behind the name, who exactly is RubiksCube, where has he come from and where might users know him from?

He kindly filled in all the blanks, telling us, "I've been playing bootleggers since about '05 I was introduced to it by a friend of a game I used to play called C&C: Renegade. I became addicted to it and spent many hours playing. I'm trying to remember the name of the first crew that I joined. I think it was The Regiment or The Finishing Touch." He continued by telling us, "I've been part of developing many helpsites over the history of bootleggers." Something which has largely subsided over the years but in earlier rounds was very common and indeed useful.

RubiksCube went on to say, "My own creation however was something called ( which was eventually authorised by 5litre for a few months before he departed from the Bootleggers universe." This is a topic we would revisit later in the interview. Clearly our new HDO has a passion for helping, with a track record of assisting with several different help and informative based sites around Bootleggers. A talent obviously recognised as well as length of service when being appointed to the Help Desk.

Where previously we have seen operators come and go from the Desk, it would appear that RubiksCube's aim is to make this a long term commitment, as he told us, "Yeah I've always wanted to be part of the staff here on BL, even just being here for a couple of days now it's readily apparent that we have a great team here and the structure is amazing. Looking forward to working with them for a long time to come." We continued on this line by asking if the ultimate goal was a green 'jacket' to which RubiksCube merely responded, "Now that would be a nice surprise."

Now what followed can officially be called a Buzz exclusive.

When we had earlier asked RubiksCube for a bit of history that had lead him to this stage, his final point was as follows, "Mika thought that I'd be a great addition to the help desk as I've been playing for many many years and know the game and for another reason that will be revealed soon." An air of mystery? We plugged away to get some more information on this secret other reason. Eventually some beans were spilled, although not the whole tin, a point that will surely cause some speculation, as we were told:
"Let's just say an old feature is coming back."
RubiksCube said

What could this be? The return of Arm Wrestling? Perhaps Establishments is destined to make a return? To be honest this Buzz writer can't think of many other things it could be. One for the forums perhaps? What feature, given the opportunity, would you like to see return to the game?

We rounded off the interview on a slightly more serious point. Bots and BoS was a point raised in previous rounds Buzz issues where our new yellow friends name became involved, though not accused or ever held up, there was some debate as to what should be allowed in terms of Bots on the game at the time. Now much of this was not based on any founded evidence. But as RubiksCube had already mentioned he did at several points involve himself with helpsites for Bootleggers, one of which was known as 'mybl'. The creation of bot accounts for the running of scripts and gain of unfair advantage is something which to this day sees people added to the BoS list. Now we may be talking about a time way back when, however, at this time was our new HDO committing a rule-breaking act that could of seen him BoS and arguably not make it to where he is today?

He doesn't believe so, as he told us, "Mybl was always an interesting project for whomever saw it, it was by far more advanced and had a better code base than bootcrews (which eventually fell under it's own obsoleteness). I spoke a lot with Sabin about the project and when he first found out I was running the site he quickly put a stop to it originally. I however continued discussions with him about it and we spoke on many different details of the site and it eventually (after development without a bot) turned into something that absolutely COULDN'T be used as a cheat or aid for bettering your game at all. It turned into literally what it was envisioned from the start an archive for bootleggers players to look back on previous rounds and see what happened. This is why in the end it was given authorisation and the site came back online." Going on to say, "People were added to the BoS whom made bots for literally cheating and trying to gain an unfair advantage on the players. Bootcrews was The Regulators version of this." A missed opportunity not keeping 'mybl' running? Perhaps. It seems more and more users crave information, examples and memories of the past rounds.

Without further ado we wrapped the interview up. A few points for the community to mull over within this, but it looks like RubiksCube is here to stay whether people choose to like it or not. He appears to have the skill set which could see him become a developer as well! What will be the returning feature? Who knows. One thing we can be sure of, is that we will be sure to bring you all the information we can right here at the Buzz!