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Filling The Chicago Valley with bodies JestObserving

A peaceful Sunday evening, the Sun was just going down over the hills, as the Graveyard started to fill with green and purple. The Chicago Outfit, TCO and Death Valley, DV were giving the undertakers good business. The Buzz heard a rumour early on that the shooting were being orchestrated by The Prophecy, TP, but TCO arrived back on the statistics page extremely quickly, so we went to them first, speaking with Battastic, TCO’s boss.

To summarise Battastic’s opening questions, he confirmed that TP were behind the shooting, but also mentioned that The Fist may also be involved, due to a member being a “… friend of CollinCares, (boss of The Fist)” and not being killed during the wipe. When asked why TP had a reason to shoot Battastic stated “I don’t know”, therefore, The Buzz would return later, after some fact finding with TP boss, oreV.

When first approaching oreV this Buzz writer noticed that she was slightly busy, due to the smoking barrel of her gun, and so she said that she would be a couple of minutes, in the middle of something. It sort of answered the opening question really, “Was TP involved in the shooting of TCO, DV and seemingly random Boss/R.Boss crewless accounts?” The answer, a rather resounding “Yes”.
Next was the inevitable “Was TP shooting alone, or working alongside other crews?”

Just TP. Me and my shooters
DV , TCO and the crewless ones
oreV said

This, of course, created a little clash with Battastic’s statement about The Fist possibly shooting alongside TP. Thus, oreV was asked whether CollinCares friend was spared intentionally.

Of the 4 persons we didn’t shoot one was on vacation, one was safe listed and the 2 others joined late to the party
oreV said

Fashionably lucky, and late! Next was a quick barrage of questions!
“Why were those who were shot, shot?”
“How many shooters and bullets were used?”
“Are there any other planning aspects that you would like to share with us?”

DV: Because they are an enemy of the alliance and they often let shooters into their crew etc... Not something we want to risk.
TCO: We heard some were stacking bullets and they were high rank.
Crewless: Just to go out with a Bang

For now the shooting isn't all over yet, one is in the hospital. We used 5 shooters and so far 495,700 {bullets} were used. Another 60k or so is to be used.
Shooter didn’t want to spend gold unnecessarily, hunting a crewless target, and was busy, so hospital bought some time.

We started with SLX and Duztyyy to locked both crew structure
oreV said

As that seemed to close off our questions, The Buzz invited oreV to say anything to either the victims or the Bootleggers community as a whole,

Sorry to everyone we killed nothing personal just part of the game
And sometime our shooters are trigger happy
oreV said

After finding out the reason behind the TCO shooting, The Buzz then returned to Battastic to see if he had anything to counter oreV’s statement about why they shot TCO.

Our highest ranks were R.Boss and there were a few members in our lower layers who had bullets, yes, but we weren’t going to shoot the alliance. 3 times now they have killed us and we haven’t retaliated, how many more times do you guys gotta kill us before we are safe to rank in peace? If we wanted to shoot any of the families we coulda did it plenty of times. Shit EH was the first to wipe us and we haven’t shot any of you that was almost 2 months ago, shit’s starting to piss me off. Used to sit down and talk shit out now its kill everyone who makes it past R.Boss
Battastic said

Unfortunately, neither Event Horizon, nor the alliance is represented as a Buzz Writer; so Battastic was asked “Do you feel that, now it is the third time, TCO is being pushed towards action? Do you have any ideas/thoughts of retaliation?”

TCO will not retaliate, there is no point, and I’m not trying to get involved in a war that I can not win. My crew started as 7 friends from the same little town in Indiana now its down to two original members so I doubt we will keep influence
Battastic said

So, TP being open and outing the reasons as to why they shot, and TCO stating their response, hopefully those in the alliance will heed their statement and leave the seemingly peaceful crew alone in future.

Note: The Buzz also made an attempt to contact Death Valley, but this was unsuccessful, I believe that partly to blame is my leaving it too late in the week to contact them.