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Gymnasium! Nontroversy

No matter what rank you are, gymnasium plays an important part to playing bootleggers. From the very first mission where you’re required to get your strength up to level three to being Nation Don and carrying booze throughout your states, strength is important.

It takes more than two hands to carry all of need to be like Atlas

There are three levels which need training in gym; strength, stamina, and agility. All together these three provide players with the opportunity to be able to acquire the best guns and protection. For a player to hold the highest gun and protection they must get their gym stats to 25-8-24. But, what next? What about these levels individually?

Well, for strength and stamina, you can go much further. For each level of Strength a player has, they can hold 3 crates of booze! This means that it can be very beneficial to carry on training past 25 strength.

As a player gets better at strength, the profits which they are able to make from booze runs increases. The maximum strength a player can get to is 40, meaning they can carry 120 crates of booze!

As for stamina, each level gives the player the advantage of having lower crimes, auto burglary and organized crime timer.

Crimes: -1 second every 2 levels
Auto Burglary: -1 second every level
Organized Crime: -2 minutes 15 seconds every level

These reductions may seem insignificant but at level 40 stamina, the maximum, the times are only
Crimes: 1 minute 10 seconds
Auto Burglary: 2 minutes 20 seconds
Organized Crime: 6 hours 30 minutes

This can make a drastic difference to a player’s over all stats, and wealth, as they are able to gain more xp and cash in a shorter amount of time.

The final attribute to gymnasium is agility. There is currently no additional benefit for a player to train their agility past 24, other than receiving the ‘Quick on my feet’ achievement. However, if this has already been earned once by the player, there is no incentive for them to train their agility anymore.

From this, I ask: Should there be an additional benefit for a player who puts time in to training their agility to the maximum?

In my opinion, they should be without any additional benefits: there is no reason for this attribute of the gymnasium to be level 40. Whenever this subject has been brought up in the past, players have always mentioned that it should have an effect on busting skills.

Another possible idea is that it could lower timers, similar to stamina; however for other attributes in the game such as jail time, negotiating booze prices for bootlegging or even gymnasium itself.

I went to Sky about this idea and:

I do believe that agility should play a bigger part in the rest of the game, I’m actively seeking ways to make this the case.
Sky said

Now that we have the green guy’s attention on the subject, what ideas do you have for agility?
Thanks for reading, and please leave some comments!
- A random player.