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Reset ahoy?! Gale

The dreaded but often called for word: A reset? I hear you say.

An extract from a conversation between one of our own here at the Buzz and Elite Guard developer Caboose piqued our interest this week as the round continues to stagnate in a way rarely seen previously.

I can already feel the prying eyes scanning for the quote. So here it is! Caboose is quoted to have said, "I have to say, this is so fucking cool, after all these years, planning a reset, instead of just asking for one."

Could it be? We couldn't get definitive confirmation from the Elite Guard; however, we did get the next best thing...

Now a reset has been banded around as an idea by quite a few players as of late. Though it would seem that previous calls in rounds having been largely ignored may have led to the community abandoning it as a method of rallying these days.

This could, however, be re-ignited, as we sought confirmation of this rumour from Sky who hinted further! Sky told us that he "Expected an announcement in the next 1-2 weeks" as to developments in regards to a reset.

We didn't stop there. VooDooDoll also got involved in the commenting action. She told us, "As you may well know a round is not determined by a length of time. Before a reset can be decided we need to make sure any new features or additions are working as intended and they will benefit the game going into the new round. Need to make sure any major bugs are fixed and under control."

This however was after she had said, "A date has not been determined as of yet." Far from denying that a reset may be in discussion by the Elite Guard at the moment, as would often happen if the Buzz came fishing in previous rounds.

VooDooDoll rounded off (pun intended) by answering a few questions in one. Do factors beyond features and game functionality play into whether or not a reset will occur? What about the general state of affair? Do claims of dominance contribute? She responded saying, "We reset when we feel the game would benefit from having a fresh start. As I mentioned before there is no time length we use in that decision. The decision of a reset can be for varying reasons."

Going on to say, "As far as 'dominating crews' that does not play a role in the staff decisions regarding a reset. That is more of a term that the players use or feel a reset is needed."

Is this more hear-say or something concrete? You decide. One thing the prospective reset is sure to be is thought and talk provoking. Stay tuned for further exclusive content from all of us here at the Buzz!