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Bootleggers IRC server reborn Harrison

On Friday, February 20, we awoke once more to a yellow "Updates" tab, as the IRC chat feature was officially reintroduced as a feature of the game.

Throughout the past rounds of Bootleggers, IRC had historically provided an integral method of communication for players and staff alike. However, the built-in Chat functionality had not been present this round until its most recent reintroduction by Help Desk Operator RubiksCube.

"We lacked people with the knowledge to maintain the server, so it was removed, if memory serves," explained Head Moderator Mika.

The new yellow Chat link, which now appears under the Messaging tab, "connects you to the Bootleggers IRC network where you can chat with other players. Find an OC, play games, and see information from the game live as it's happening," according to RubiksCube.

"This is also a great opportunity for crews! If you are a crew boss, why not setup a dedicated channel for you and your crewmates! You can even set a password on the channel so that only your crew can join."

While the IRC client works great on computer-based platforms, it has not yet been optimized for Bootleggers Mobile.

"The nature of IRC means we can't currently provide it on the mobile site -- full site users only," said Moderator Sky.

Sky also inferred that an external IRC application for platforms such as iOS or Android could be available, which would thereby allow for mobile participation in the Bootleggers IRC server. Several players such as HonestlyDishonest and Sandwedge confirmed Sky's conjecture.

As RubiksCube pointed out, the mobile application "Colloquy for iPhone" is among the options for handheld access to the Bootleggers IRC server.

"There are a bunch; it's pretty easy to find a good one," HonestlyDishonest suggested.

Players have responded well to the reintroduction of Bootleggers IRC thus far, and an active crowd of at least several players and staffers alike have been present on the server since it was unveiled.

Among the foremost fringe benefits at the heart of the Bootleggers IRC server's rebirth is the fact that it effectively bridges the communication gap between the Elite Guard and the greater community of players.

On Tuesday, February 24, Sky was present in uniform on the IRC chat, at which time he actively fielded update requests and addressed bug reports from several players participating in the Chat, myself included.

Within minutes of being made aware that it was not possible for players to commit Organized Crimes in the default Macintosh browser Safari, Sky stepped in and eliminated the bug right before our eyes.

With the reintroduction of Bootleggers IRC Chat, all players now have yet another outlet at their fingertips for communicating with staff.

As more and more bugs or issues get reported by players and are addressed by developers, the impending Round 9 only nears closer and closer.