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Naamloos' Missions SirNaamloos


‘Los Lagartos’, one of the ruling cartels in the borderlands of Columbia and Ecuador, has transformed an old mission outpost at the Rio Mira river into a colossal plant used for the production of booze.

More than 80 percent of the liquor produced at this factory now floods the North American and European booze markets, thereby making illegal booze more easily accessible and less costly for consumers.

For months, American and British agents have been collaborating on a clandestine operation to locate and capture the notorious cartel leader, Rico Rodriguez.

Investigators have recently reported that Rodriguez is residing in one of the compounds surrounding his heavily guarded booze warehouse.

Rodriguez is allegedly considering expanding his operations to incorporate other breeds of illegal conduct.

As such, Rodriguez is seeking to add new comrades to his family in order to assign manpower to these other dubious tasks. And this is where you come in, Private!

Due to unfortunate and inopportune circumstances, Rodriguez's right hand man, Bruno Velez, was recently captured by police during a booze transaction with a major buyer.

Apparently there was a rat amidst the ranks of Los Lagartos, which afforded police a prime opportunity to apprehend Velez.

In order for the cartel to carry on with its operations, it is essential that Velez be set free from jail.

If Velez remains in jail, Rodriguez fears that the police will get through to him, and that Velez could end up him spilling all of the incriminating information he has on Los Lagartos' unlawful operations.

Mission I: Saving Private Ryan

Players must bust SirNaamloos (Velez's latest persona) out of jail as many times as possible! The first player to reach 15 busts will be declared the winner and will receive an award.

When this mission is posted, a bust party will be started on the Game Forum in order to keep track of the number of busts per player.

Once the topic, "Saving Private Ryan," is posted, the mission will begin officially. The rewards will be clarified and distributed in the forum topic.