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What the Deuce? Harrison

FiveOh aka. Deuce, Bootleggers' sixth Nation Don of Round 8, bit the dust this afternoon at the hands of shooters from the notorious underground crew Most Wanted.

In their usual fashion, Most Wanted appeared as a gang on the Statistics page at the time of the attack.

According to Most Wanted representative Senka, aka. Keisha, it required approximately 250,000 bullets to put an end to FiveOh's reign.

"(Most Wanted) killed FiveOh because he was shooting too many randoms," explained Keisha. "The people who moaned the hardest last round about random shootings are the ones who do the same now. Instead of crying about it, why not just act?"

While FiveOh attempted to prolong his lifespan by leaving Dutch Inc. mid-shooting in hopes of joining The Prophecy and becoming layered, the recruiter he contacted was reportedly away from her keyboard at the time that FiveOh attempted to jump ship.

"He basically wasted gold to be killed sooner than intended," said Keisha. "We then decided to just finish off (whomever) we had on search."

Several other former members of Dutch Inc., including Emeritii, Franky, AskingAlexandria_, Tuupke, and even Crew Boss Dalton himself, followed suit in jumping ship to Fortis et Liber and Dutch Ltd., their subsidiary gang, out of fear that Most Wanted was targeting Dutch Inc. as a whole.

Dons Franky, Tuupke and Emeritii each reportedly spent 550 gold in order to "Ditch crew," while Dalton paid 500 gold for this privilege. FiveOh, on the other hand, ate the bullet in more ways than one, having coughed up a total of 750 gold in order to leave Dutch Inc. in the midst of the shooting.

However, according to MassimoDutti aka. Raoul, Dutch Inc. as a whole was not the target; they were merely harboring the wrong Nation Don within their layers. "Deuce was the target," Raoul confirmed.

Keisha emphasized that her crew's tactful assassination of the Nation Don proves that hope still remains for parties unaffiliated with "The Alliance."

"There is always hope even though people think there is not. We basically showed that today with this shooting. People can rumor in the forums it was a half wipe. But they assume it was, not even knowing with what purpose we shot -- dropping the Nation Don, in this case," said Keisha.

With 25 Dutch Inc. members fallen, as well as a (now crewless) Nation Don deceased, the potential for immediate backfire was an obvious concern of note. However, as it turned out, zero of Most Wanted's three shooters were killed in backfire.

"None of us died. I believe Raoul (MassimoDutti) had some backfire and repaired a bit. Falco (_Shaitan_) had almost no backfire, but we call him the bullet dodger. The N.Don and the L.Don gave me none. The LGF a bit, but I took his cash so that makes us even," Keisha explained.

"The shooting went pretty well actually. Backfire's been a bitch to us before though."

FiveOh refused to make any official statement regarding his demise to the Bootleggers Buzz.