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CC: A look before. Gale

A challenge which is likely to see a huge amount of bullets influx the game: Welcomed by some, scrutinized by many more.

The Challenge has sparked debate between many since its announcing. But what do you believe the purpose to be of the Community Challenge? Some might say that it’s simple a way of engaging the community at a time in which there isn’t much for some to get excited about. Others may say that this is the Elite Guard’s final roll of the dice at saving a dying round. Further speculation has also claimed that this is the Elite Guard trying to dismantle the alliance that currently dictates the state of play on the game. But which standpoint do you adopt?

After news broke of the alleged Reset in the pipeline, fresh from the Elite Guard mouth, it can certainly be said that this sort of contest seemed timely and definitely encourages the more cynical to challenge the motivation behind it.

Of course, where you sit on the proverbial fence seemingly depends on your position within the current set-up of the game. You would struggle to find a member of one of the alliance crews, for example, who is not skeptical about the timing and nature of the employed challenge. That being said there are certainly those out there who believe it to be a harmless intervention with no underlying reason. There are also those who believe members alliance as it is viewed, to be in bed with the Elite Guard.

We got in contact with both Sky and VooDooDoll on separate occasions, to see how they responded to accusations such as mentioned above. It appeared communication within the Elite Guard had improved as a remarkably unified answer came from both! We asked both, “How would you respond to wide-spread skepticism that this community challenge is the Elite Guards final bid to topple the alliance that currently dominates the game in order to extend the rounds life-span by said toppling and that if this were to fail we would likely see a reset date announced even sooner?”

Sky responded by telling us, “The upcoming Community Challenge is a bid by the Elite Guard to increase the enjoyment of all who play. Through the effort of a combined attempt to reach the goal and through the shared prize of a significant amount of money and of bullets we hope to remind people what the true joys of Bootleggers are, while allowing them to experience parts of the game that for some are rarely seen. All you need to do is work for it.” Now one may read this response in a variety of ways. It seemed more than lip service, yet distinctly avoided parts of the question asked. More interesting perhaps would be whether Sky’s hope for the CC would come true. Would this challenge increase the enjoyment of all who play? Or would it lead to further moans of the ‘rich getting richer’ and ‘powerful gaining yet more of a stranglehold’. Only the week that followed completion, perhaps slightly longer, will tell.

Then came VooDooDoll’s response to the same question. A similarly avoidant response but one which perhaps gave the community more to hold on to, as she told us, “This community challenge and a reset have nothing to do with one another. We strive to give the players something to do where they can achieve a reward for doing so. Although we have NOT formally announced a reset it WILL be taking place at a date we should know in the near future. There is simply nothing more to it.” Further indication there that a reset is a very real, upcoming possibility. Though many would claim the Elite Guard claiming something is ‘coming soon’ could mean anything up to a years wait, the unified acceptance from all who preside in the crew that the time is nearing would suggest that it may be sooner rather than later!

We rounded off our would-be opinion poll by speaking to recently unveiled shooter from Most Wanted, _Shaitan_ (Falco). We put the same question to him, and he responded by saying, “They are just trying to hide the fact that the updates this round only made it worst. This hole round has been as dead as the end of last round. And even that won’t work because you can't pass on bullets if you don't have a crew.” A good point well made. Unless the challenge were to be taken up by an existing crew in order to gather the bullets into one or two well ranked shooters, then a mere 50,000 bullets each would mean it would take an extremely well organised group to make them count against the 3-crew alliance (plus those crews who sit below that obviously support them).

One thing that has also gone largely un-spoken of is the potential ramifications the Elite Guard have imposed by introducing this challenge. Surely those within the alliance crews will not sit and wait for a potential torrent of bullets? Measures must surely be taken in offensive and defensive terms in order to preserve the 3 family spots? Who knows.

Many believe this round of Bootleggers to be dead. Will this challenge breathe life or trample on the accounts of many? Only time will tell. We will be sure to bring you the fallout here first!