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Mission: Rat Race TehNaamloos


Good job getting our Right Hand Man out of jail! We are glad that he is back. However, Rico remains worried about the “rat” burrowed within his organization. Apparently, the rat has spilled a great deal of secret information about his organization's inner workings -- even more than he expected, as one of his booze factories has recently been shut down by the Government, leaving heavily guarded police officers stationed outside.

He wants this rat to be found as soon as possible! He has to be dealt with in order to keep the organization's secrets safe! Finding him is no cakewalk though, as Los Lagartos' member count is now up to 100, which is why Rico came up with a little plan to sniff out the rat, because he believes that the rat is someone in his council.

He gathered the council and told them what he was going to do next: He was going to attack the police station in order to draw the guards' attention away from Los Lagartos' booze factory. However, he does not actually plan to follow through with this attack; rather, he wants to find out who the rat is once and for all. And that, Private, is where you come in again.

We want you to follow the council members and investigate who the rat is. You have to do this without being seen by any of them! Once you have located the culprit, report back to Rico and tell him what you have seen. Once we know who the rat is, we will trap and kill him!

Mission: Rat race

What you have to do is to find out who the rat is. This can be done by looking around and asking questions. You have to send TehNaamloos a message with questions about the rat. He might give you a first letter of the rat's name, his wealth status, or a location where you need to look for the rat. The answer he gives you can be anything; some of his advice might help you, and some won’t be helpful in the slightest. However, you can only ask him a question every 5 minutes! Sending him a question sooner than 5 minutes after the previous request will not warrant a response! Once you think you know who the rat is, you can start searching him and kill him.

Note: If you shoot the wrong person, you have to wait 4 hours until you can attempt to shoot another suspect.

Advice: Ask a fair amount of questions before even thinking of killing someone!

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