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Party hard; get busted! TehNaamloos

Public opinions on the merits behind busting are divided among several key factors, which include: (1) gaining rank experience; (2) making a profit with the feature by competing in bust parties; and (3) engaging in genuine cameraderie with other members of the community.

One player even stated that busting other Bootleggers from jail makes him feel like a "straight up gangsta."

The fact remains that players prefer to gain money by busting rather than committing crimes. Based on the comments and Bootmails that I have received, the most important reason why busting is so popular is because of the social camaraderie initiated by the feature. People interact more with other community members when they are busting compared to almost any other feature. For example, one player mentioned, “I even get Bootmails now before a bust party starts saying they will beat me.” This testimony proves that bust parties are a great outlet for getting to know our fellow members of the community.

Some players also stated that busting can earn you quite a fortune once you have a good bust percentage -- though getting a decent bust rating will require quite a time investment. So isn’t it better to always commit your crimes and obtain money from that, seeing the money you receive from bust parties as a more of a bonus? Well, players tend to be on the same sheet of music in this respect. People generally commit crimes until they reach a certain rank, as doing crimes at a higher rank will make them go to jail more frequently, which means they cannot bust at those times. As such, many players shy away from commiting crimes when the jail is full. Instead, they often wait to do the crimes until the jail is empty.

Do players often use gold to get out of jail as a way to get back to busting quicker? The answer to that would be a resounding YES. Not many people do it, but some affluent players actually do so regularly.

While we all know that nine out of ten bust parties have a "no gold" policy, sometimes players disregard the rule and thereby get deducted a bust from their total count. Yet some players still find it funny to gold bust during these parties so they can return to busting quicker. That's not to say that many people do it, but it does happen in some instances.

So is there no downside to the busting feature? Is there anything that players dislike about it? Well yes, there is one downside -- being in jail!

So there you have it, an article to see what busting and bust parties bring to the Bootleggers community and why the feature is so popular!

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