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Factors Involved in Calculating Influence Harrison

Influence -- noun -- The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Influence, both on Bootleggers and in the real world, is important. However, the concept is especially important to gangs, crews, and families who wish to remain on the Statistics page.

Without influence, one cannot boost his or her gang to a crew -- and believe me, crews are great. Upon upgrading to crew, a group can own a train station and thereby profit from players travelling to that state. Likewise, crews can earn up to 5 percent profit from members' successful organized crimes, as well as 10 percent of their earnings from crimes, car sales and booze bought.
Upgrading to crew presents a lucrative opportunity; however, maintaining sufficient influence can be quite challenging once attained.

After gathering information and tips from other gangs and crews -- though some of the crews and gangs have subsequently disbanded (it’s a fast moving world) -- today the Bootleggers Buzz is proud to offer everyone information about how successful organizations keep members happy and ensconced in a manner that maintains their influence.

Crist0sthesecond, Vindictive Serenity’s crew boss, said:
[quote= Crist0sthesecond ]“I have found that reaching (Crew) has been somewhat difficult. I always try to push people towards ranking quickly and obtaining the next gun/protection. Others within the gang sometimes offer incentives for the first to reach a certain rank to spur members on.”[/quote]

Maxing out members' guns and protection is one way of “topping up” influence. However, many gangs, crews and families impose restrictions on the level of gun and number of bullets members are allowed to have as a means of maintaining control and mitigating the possibilities for betrayal, which can present trying circumstance for new members.
Keeping a crew buoyant is hard work, especially with peril around every corner; in this case, the peril is being shot down in the midst of trying to stay safe on the Statistics page.

“Yes it is hard when players get shot over and over. Some members have left, but we have the core members. Rank and having a few Casinos help a lot.”
RatFaceRayx said

Others' stories are eerily similar. According to DaBat, boss of The Chicago Outfit:
“It has been a little difficult to get back to a crew with a lot of our original members quitting. But with the few of us that remained, we were able to pull in a few friends we have met on the game. We just asked our members to be active in the campaign and be respectful to everyone.”
DaBat said

If I link it back to my friendship article from Issue 33 of the Bootleggers Buzz, RatFaceRay echoes my opinion that it is friends that keeps us coming back to Bootleggers; likewise, it is through friendship and trust that a strong crew is ultimately born.

[center ]
”Most of us have been around (for) 6-7 years, so we like to keep in contact -- and what better way than (through) Bootleggers? ... I would say friendship keeps us together.”
RatFaceRayx said

Once a gang recruits a few core members and upgrades to crew, those who own properties such as Slot Machines and Racetracks can help to stablize the organization and maintain influence in the first vital few days of crewship. Bullets and gun levels can also make a difference. Keeping members happy and informed with an active forum that stimulates collaboration also ensures success. However, making sure your gang or crew members understand the rules can help too!

“We've upgraded from a gang to a crew in five days; it’s a great achievement. Staying active as much as we could, we used to collect tax, cash from crimes/GTA/OCs and booze -- not spending it on gambling (we had a strict gambling rule back then)...”
iUnTouchable said

A strict gambling rule? That’s interesting.

“It takes some dedication toward your crew and somewhat active members in order to stay on the Stats. If you lose influence somehow, you could be (downgraded) or even dropped. My crew, so far, has done a great job to work as hard as they can to keep the influence level going upwards.”
SirNaamloos said

In order to climb from a gang to a crew (and to maintain crew status after said ascension), players should:

  • Set clear-cut goals for all crewbies to meet (e.g. bullet count, gun level, etc.)

    As a crew boss, one can keep the crew perked up by offering incentives to meet these levels through games and lower crew taxes for those who meet these targets along the path to becoming a crew.

  • Encourage members to commit Bank OCs to get ranking

    Bearing in mind that crewless players above Legendary Godfather (or even above Boss now that the Community Challenge has concluded) are likely to be shot-on-sight, one should encourage his or her members to rank up. Whereupon the boss himself reaches Godfather, one of three criterion for upgrading is met. However, two other factors must also be accomplished before an upgrade can occur: (1) there must be a crew spot available (only six are permitted); and (2) the crew, as a whole, must have sufficient influence to upgrade.

  • Finance Facilities

    Get those hospitals, shooting ranges and gyms built pronto! It also would not hurt to state that donations are always welcomed.

  • Get Money; Buy Gold
    The more the merrier! Gold counts toward a gang, crew or family's overall influence level, too.

    [quote= iUnTouchable] “We have a Salaries System! Yes the crew pays Salaries to the members!” [/quote]

    Once sufficient influence is obtained, it can be quite easy to keep it in check by investing in additional facilities, encouraging the highest ranked players to commit Organized Crimes with the lower ranks, and just generally help each other out in order to rank, stock and succeed.

    [Quote=BettyBNaughty] “Yes it can be difficult to get the influence. Now that we have the influence and are a 'family' though, there hasn't been any problem to keep the influence so far.” [/quote]

    So, now that the grand lady BettyB herself has mentioned it, let us talk briefly about families.

    But which one is JestObeserving?

    No, not these families. In fact, I am referring to the big kahunas! The giant crews who have consistently held the “top spots” over the past several months.

    First of all, we must not get ahead of ourselves –- if you happen to have a space free and if you happen to be the one to click “upgrade to family” -– chances are you will probably die. Quickly.

    The coveted spots are owned by The Prophecy, Event Horizon, Dutch Inc and of course the Elite Guard.

    They are defended to the death, and we had an amusing moment in this round where someone upgraded their crew to family once and a lot of embarrassment ensued for the crew that claimed the sought-after spot. Nevertheless, a peaceful swap occurred a few days later.

    It just goes to show that in Bootleggers, it is quite often who you know and how you know that keeps you safe.

    “We may be a small crew, but we all stick together, help each other out, and we all like to help other players. We don't have ridiculous rules forced upon (our members). We do have some rules, but they are for the good of the family. Another thing that keeps our crew together is the feeling of trust between members.”
    RatFaceRayx said

    Trust? Not a word I generally associate with this game. However, In the end, all you have to rely on is the team you have and get to know your members (Oh, forgive this reporter a small chuckle at this euphemism…) -- although some want to know more about you than you expected, such as your phone number (). Don’t trust them; the next thing you know. they will claim they are a Nigerian Prince!

    Thank you to all the gang, crew and family bosses who took time out of their days to contribute -- and to the hilarious player that made my day by saying they “CBA”.