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TeddyDeserve Evades Death RubiksCube

The crime families thought it to be just an average Thursday. They went about their business holding up local stores, stealing cars. The family sons were organising a bank job for which they needed a couple more heads. They asked around in the local clubs and were approached by the godfather TeddyDeserve! They knew his name from a meeting they'd overheard. Immediately the first brother draws his Thompson and orders him to put his hands on the bar. Teddy calmly takes a step to his right and lays his hands on the bar as instructed. The second brother comes from behind, to check him for weapons. As he puts his hands on the godfathers shoulders, TeddyDeserve grabs a bottle of whisky and smashes it over his head knocking him unconscious. He grabs him as he's falling and pulls him towards himself as a body shield. The first brother now feeling very nervous orders him to let his brother go! Teddy pushes his brother out from his grip and kicks him towards his brother as he makes for the door behind him, a flurry of bullets flew up the bar smashing all the glasses and bottles but not one hit TeddyDeserve. They ran after him but all they caught was the sight of him driving off in a Duesenberg.

This news found moderator Caboose and he made an important topic in the Game Forum titled "BREAKING NEWS". In the article, he explained that TeddyDeserve had evaded the family before after his death was ordered. He then announced that they are offering a $50,000,000 for the person who brings them the body of TeddyDeserve! He notes that everyone should be vigilant however as he is known to be highly dangerous and very un-predictable.

The first spotting of TeddyDeserve was by Mr_Plow who bribed the reception staff to give them a key to his hotel room he was rumoured to have been staying in. All they found was a note lying on the bed saying, "You think you can kill me? I've got shoes older than you, kid. Tougher, too.". It may be tougher than we thought to put and end to the godfather.

Caboose mentioned to those taking part that it might be easier for say a Thug or Gangster to try. This maybe because they would be able to sneak under his radar and not be an apparent threat? Who knows?

Next up to see the godfather was Blackspur. He was dropping off a body from his trunk at the local scrapyard when he noticed him in a Beauford. Blackspur started shooting at him but he ducked down in the car and another stranger started shooting back at him! He went back to his car to give chase but it wouldn't start. It seems the owners of the scrapyard may be in bed with the godfather. The families are loosing their territory. Can no one put an end to this one guy?

I heard from Jordy3 next about having heard from a private investigator where TeddyDeserve was hiding. It seems however that TeddyDeserve got wind that he was looking for him and decided to skip states. Leaving Jordy3 wondering where he might have gone. The private investigator got word from an associate in Michigan that he was in a hotel on the east side of town. TeddyDeserve was found dead on the floor of his room at 17:47 along side his bodyguard purported to be JimmyClueless of Louisiana.

I don't think we'll be seeing TeddyDeserve coming back from this one. Stay safe and keep on going!