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Hitlist Controversy Harrison

In previous rounds dating back as far as I can remember, the hitlist had been efficiently used as intended. But as of recent days, it seems to be a useless feature when friends jokingly waste time and put a hit out on their friends for shits and giggles and not for the real use of the list.

My personal opinion on the matter is to either prevent stupidity and misuse of the feature and make a person provide validity through either a screen shot which can be reviewed by mods or a separate hitlist review staff member or like the establishment feature bury it and leave it as a subtle fading memory until the day that players use can be able to use it with some validity.

Fellow bootleggers I leave you with this memory from the past.

The year was 2008, and bas was running amuck -- causing a ruckus like present day Dalton -- a group of people that we will call 'x' all pooled together over $300,000,000 to hitlist him and his duplicate accounts and 'shooters'.

And now look at the hitlist and think to yourselves 'is this feature going to ever regain it's true effect' or have a hand full of players yet again murdered a great feature.

DarkPwn's Solution

If you are hitlisted and are in a crew, you can be shot without shooting through the crews layers. Now that would make more sense and a the correct use of the hitlist.

Also a thought: If you are hitlisted and in a crew then the shooting of layers to get to you, in the event you get layered should not be a factor. Or in the event you get hardkicked, your previous crew should have to wait 120 hours to kill you to make it fair for others, as a lot of abuse has come from that which makes it have less meaning.