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Dutch Inc. dropped gumshoe_2

An amalgamation of several parties claimed responsibility for yesterday's elimination of Dutch Inc., including former and current members of The Clericuzio, Alpha Helix, Death Valley, The Vanguard, Vindictive Serenity, and Most Wanted.

Golder and Chips were the primary spokesmen claiming the attacks. The duo collaborated in responding to the clarifying questions below.

gumshoe: Why was Dutch Inc. chosen as the target?

Golder and Chips: Put it this way, there is no shortage of people willing to shoot DI. There were others who couldn’t shoot, but were happy to fund us.

gumshoe: Was this attack on behalf of any crews, gangs, or groups -- or only on behalf of the two of you (Golder and Chips)?

Golder and Chips: Chips and I have had something like this planned for a long time. To begin with, it was while we were in the council of VS with Abi, and that was simply because they treated other crews like shit. Then that fell apart when Abi decided to go join DI instead. Naturally we felt a bit uneasy about that; our whole crew got wiped and Abi had a clean break into DI. That was the point when Chips and I decided to stop talking about it, and plan it properly.

gumshoe: How many bullets were used in total to kill the 30 members of Dutch Inc.?

Golder and Chips: 1.3 million.

gumshoe: How many bullets did it take to kill each of the State Dons?

Golder and Chips: (no comment)

gumshoe: What was the source of the bullets for the attack? Were you able to save the Community Challenge bullets without being killed, or did you have to use mostly gold for the attack? How much gold was used in the attack?

Golder: I never received my community challenge bullets. Chips did. But 50k bullets didn’t really make much difference. Gold is a easy way to store bullets, even if they aren’t great value.

gumshoe: What kind of backfire were you dealt, and who shot back? Did anybody die in backfire?

Golder and Chips: One shooter had backfire for every kill. But a quick health and protection top up between kills sorted that out.

gumshoe: How long did it take to plan the attack?

Golder and Chips: To plan? Not long.

gumshoe: What message, if any, did you hope to communicate with this attack?

Golder and Chips: I think they got any message we wanted to send.

gumshoe: Is there anything still to come, or is the attack officially over?

Golder and Chips: (no comment)

gumshoe: Did any of the kills fail?

Golder and Chips: One kill failed. But our back up search finished the job.

gumshoe: Did any members, to your knowledge, desert the crew in the middle of the attack? If yes, which members did you notice depart from the crew?

Golder and Chips: PatjeDivine jumped into Fortis. Bless him. It’s the kind of loyalty that DI attracts.

gumshoe: Please respond to the following (paraphrased) claim expressed on the Game Forum: 'In order to really take out Dutch Inc., you would have to also take out Fortis et Libre and The Fist.'

Golder and Chips: I suppose you could add EH and TP to that as well. It’s not my concern about who’s in an alliance with whom. EH, TP, TF and Fortis have never been even considered a target in our minds. DI was our target, and that’s who we shot.

gumshoe: Compared to previous attacks on Alliance crews, this attack took place very quickly -- with Dalton dying within 15 minutes of the first shot fired. To what do you attribute the speediness of this particular attack?

Golder and Chips: Pre-Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

While I was challenged to find quotes from representatives of Dutch Inc., I was able to reach DIck for comment.

"I think Death Valley are wasting their time if they think they can change things -- surely just doing it for there own amusement? I doubt they have the ambition to change the round anymore. DI's ability to quickly rank is impressive. With really active members, I'm sure they will be back in the Family spot again in no time.

"Every shooting that occurs just says to me that they lack any adequate funds to actually fully wipe DI, but they already know that. However on the contrary I do appreciate that an extraordinary amount of gold would be required to fully wipe The Alliance altogether (relative to DV's inability to own casinos easily or gamble without been found out), so some credibility is deserved just for wiping the family spot.

"However (yes I will say it) without reviewing previous statistics, it's hard to judge how many bullets were purchased with gold, or if they relied on the free bullets they all received, and just used a stats crew to pass them all to a shooter. If that's what they did, then no credibility due," DIck uttered.