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In the crew? Layers don’t apply. Outlier

A member of a given gang, crew or family should have the ability to fire upon the layered members of said entity's Lieutenant or Council tiers directly, ergo sidestepping the current necessity of first shooting "at least 50 percent" of the Soldiers and/or Lieutenants before moving on to slaughtering the top dogs.

Domineering organizations would no longer have the opportunity to pad their troops by wantonly recruiting disposable meat-shields of rank -- without consequence -- in order to quell dissent.

Thereupon, Bosses would need to actually trust Applicants before blindly accepting them as members.

Being a member of any established gang, crew or family ought to encompass something beyond a mere facade of reputed ‘loyalty’; attaining membership should instead demand an increased level of trustworthiness and responsibility for all parties involved.