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In the fullness of time, Prophecy pulls out of Alliance Continuum

On Friday, March 21, The Prophecy followed through on its standing threat to remove Event Horizon from the Statistics page, in a move which tenably marked their departure from the Syndicate Alliance once and for all.

The impressive slaughter, carefully planned by V3r0 and promptly executed by 17 different shooters from The Prophecy, resulted in the prompt death of 42 Event Horizon members — including 16 Dons, 10 Respectable Dons, 2 Legendary Dons and State Don TynaciousD, who was offline and unable to react to the shooting.

According to V3r0, 1,154,578 bullets were unloaded in total by the 17 shooters.

"We fought alongside EH, shot (as) their shooters, held their resources, layered their council. What did we get? Disrepect, lies, and the list goes on.

"We want to show with this shooting that we will not ever trust EH nor ever be allied with them. Hope the message is clear; we will not tolerate any behavior like this from our allies. This has nothing to do with (Dutch Inc.) or (The Syndicate). They were not aware of our plans," wrote V3r0.

Three Respectable Don shooters from The Prophecy, along with State Don IKawZ, were killed by Event Horizon members in backfire; one of these individuals reportedly shot a layered player out of order.

While IKawZ’s death threw an unexpected wrench in the plan, cYcosLaVe was prepared with backup searches and was still able to promptly terminate Tyn.

Despite the heavy losses in backfire, this attack was extremely well coordinated and executed by The Prophecy. The first twenty Soldiers from Event Horizon were killed in under one minute! In just under five minutes, Council Member Tyn had fallen from his State Don position for the second time.

After 10 minutes had passed, the only player left to dispatch was Event Horizon Boss BettyBNaughty, who declined to comment to the Buzz on this matter aside from indicating that she was confused by what had taken place.

It would appear that The Prophecy may have been toying with Betty, as they waited an additional 26 minutes before making the final kill to drop the Family.

“I don’t think we’ll last the night,” cYcosLaVe speculated. “We got kicked from the Alliance chat.”

As expected, two members of The Prophecy aside from those killed in backfire have already been shot thus far — GoonerJ late Friday night and SadManAgain approximately 30 minutes before this article was published.

The rest of The Prophecy was wiped by Dutch Inc. on the morning of Saturday, March 21. Sector Zero was also eliminated in the attack.

“We assumed the kill … TP has been the black sheep of this alliance the whole round; we do things differently."

As the original creator of the Alliance chatroom, Tyn was quick to remove The Prophecy from their Skype-based headquarters, where the revenge cYcO anticipates is likely brewing.

“We’ll see how the Alliance reacts to it too; they know we don’t want to be allied with EH anymore," cYcO said on March 13 in anticipation of Friday’s shooting.

“If the Alliance shoots at us though, it’ll be done deal for them next round,” cYcO insisted.

The Prophecy’s council attributed the attack to numerous instances of backstabbing and lying on behalf of Event Horizon.

When Event Horizon approved former Council member FiveOh to kill ZerkeX from The Prophecy, the bridge was burned as far as cYcO and his troupe were concerned.

“EH approved the kill, was supposed to deal with it, and blamed Deuce (FiveOh) for everything. Then (they) removed his council access because he didn’t agree to faking the loss of his council spot.

“Then all the rumors were basically confirmed from a few chats — killing (ZerkeX) without approval … anyway, all of it lies on thin ice. When we confronted EH, they denied everything, until we started pasting some (conversations),” cYcO explained.

FiveOh ( Drew), now apart of The Prophecy, ultimately departed from Event Horizon following the aforementioned incident.

“Did I think Betty had it coming? Yes. Did I like seeing good people in EH die, mainly because of her actions? No.

“But that's how the game is played. At the end of the day it's an issue between the councils of both crews. Really doesn't have anything to do with me. I'm just getting brought into it because I left EH and ended up in TP," said Drew.

Time will tell whether or not the paramount grip the Syndicate Alliance has clenched heretofore will slacken in light of the withdrawal of one of its major powerhouses.