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Event Horizon and The Prophecy at Each Other's Throats Bubbles

I think all of this infighting between The Prophecy and Event Horizon is going to have some very interesting consequences for the rest of the players on Bootleggers.

The ejection of The Prophecy from The Alliance is one thing, but the fact that Event Horizon and The Prophecy have just spent their time fighting amongst themselves ever since Event Horizon was shot will have the most far reaching consequences.

In the present state of affairs, Dutch Inc is effectively the only still-functioning member of The Alliance, as I believe Event Horizon is too busy with their feud with The Prophecy to worry about much else.

Hopefully this will result in there being a less concentrated effort to constantly shoot non-Alliance game players, many of whom aren't even high enough rank to pose any real threat.

This split could really improve the quality of the game for anyone not interested in submitting to Alliance monitoring within a crew.