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Bug Bounties Bubbles

I think that the mods should offer a small reward for finding bugs and bringing the problem to their attention.

The reward could be as simple as 25 or 50 gold, which would cost the mods nothing, but would definitely encourage players to be better about promptly reporting bugs. I believe the potential to improve the game by utilizing this suggestion is quite large.

This change would be beneficial to everyone involved, as the mods would have problems brought to their attention more quickly, and this in turn would result in the players having a better game experience.

I've been told by a long time player that there are many people who will notice a bug and simply not bother to report the problem (or abuse it), and I believe this change could solve that problem.

If the reward is valuable enough, players will now be going out of their way to look for bugs to report so that they can claim their prize.