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RE: Pietro Grazia fatally shot in cold blood Continuum

The following are notes taken by Freelance Buzz Writer, Merlot, at the bedside of Pietro Grazia, while he was talking irrationally, in a semi-conscious condition.

“Please leave me alone Chiatti, I was never a bad guy in my life, I’m not a rat," he murmured.

Tough sweating.

“(Bruno) Ferilli, fuck him the dirty rat, I’ll get him – I always thought you were a rat but I did not think you would do this.”

The following are notes taken after speaking to Captain Morrison, who interrogated Grazia’s wife, Rosa.

Mrs. Rosa Grazia, of 37 88th Street, Buffalo, NY, appeared at the Office of Captain Morrison, of Rochester Police Dept, and was interrogated by him. At her deposition, she stated in substance that she was 21 years and legally married to Pietro Grazia, and that she resided at the above address and visited Grazia at the Robert Treat Hotel on several occasions since he has been stopping there, and that at about 8:00PM, on March 23, 2910, she called at his hotel and upon finding him out, she then went to the Diner at 10 East Park Street, where she met Grazia and remained with him in the Diner until about 9:00PM, when she left and attended a moving picture show at the Terminal Theatre in Rochester, NY.

Upon returning to the Diner she observed a crowd in front of the Diner and elided it was a raid and not wanting to get involved she returned to Buffallo to her residence and later read of the shooting in the ‘Bootleggers Buzz’. She further stated that this morning (March 24) she contacted Pietro’s mother and sister and returned with them to Buffalo. She further stated that her maiden name had been Ferilli, and she had been raised on the west side of Manhattan.

The following is a description of the men in connection with this shooting.

  • Unknown white man. 44yrs. 5’10”. 212 lbs. Heavy build, dark top coat, carrying a gun in left shoulder holster.
  • Unknown white man. 35 yrs. 5’8”. 180 lbs. Stocky build, dark complexion, wore a Pea Green Suit, teen soft felt hat, very neat dresser.
  • No description.
    Escaped in a dark red Duesenberg. License unknown. May have bullet holes in right side.

Anyone with further information that could lead to an arrest is encouraged to contact Captain Morrison with feverish haste.