Sunday, May 18th, 2014
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Behind The Name! Coastie

Hi all, and welcome to the weekly segment of 'Behind The Name'. For this particular article I randomly chose, with my eyes closed, three different people from the user's online list to be interviewed. My interview with each participant is always slightly different, but run along the same type of questions. I ask several game related questions, as well as some more penetrating questions from outside of Bootleggers. The purpose of this section in the Bootleggers Buzz is for the general public to get to know the person behind the alias. This week's random theme was 'Scuba Steve' from the movie entitled "Big Daddy". Also, can't forget to ask the only question in the world no one seems to know.. What is the best sandwich of all time!?

  • = What I said.
    Bold = What the interviewee said.

  • My interview with LionHeart

  • What is your name?
    It's Lionheart But I can guess you want to know they meaning behind it. Well there isn't actually a deep meaning behind it. People say that a lion is the king of all animals (fictionally) therefore they are very brave animals, and a heart symbolizes something that is alive and good (the reverse of evil). So I combined them because of their fictional meaning I guess.. (King with a kind heart)

  • I was talking about your RL name. It's okay, I was going to eventually ask you that question anyways. Do you know who Scuba Steve is?
    I don't think giving my name is important but since you insisted, it's Vitaly. No, I don't have any idea who Scuba Steve is. (Probably some guy who is called Steve and like to dive in the sea with his precious scuba gear..)

  • Vitaly is a nice name, can't say I've ever known anyone by that name. The 'Scuba Steve' I was referring to was a reference to the movie entitled "Big Daddy". I suppose you haven't seen it. Have you seen any good films recently? If so, tell me just a little about it (No spoilers please)
    I have seen "Lone Survivor" recently and I was really touched by the story. It's a movie about a group of navy seals who are given a mission in Afghanistan. I also like the movie called "After Earth" where A guy (Will Smith) travels to a dangerous zone in space to fight something, but ends up on the planet Earth that has been abandoned for many many years. They will crash land and his son who came a long need to find help. I suggest you to watch the two above described movies.

  • I've seen "After Earth", can't say I've seen "Lone Survivor" yet. I'm waiting for it to come out on Blu-Ray. How long have you been playing Bootleggers?
    Pff that's a difficult question to go on into exact details hehe. I started playing Bootleggers in 2005. I was introduced to this game by a good friend of mine back then. Had some major breaks during round 5, 6 and 7. So I missed some parts of the actual in game actions, but I still consider myself as an old school player and I'm proud of it.

  • Nice, people always seem to migrate back to the game eventually. What is your most fond memory in the past on this game?
    Hmm let me think... There are so many great memories I have about this game (that's why I keep coming back to it in the first place). Probably the X-mas gift from TheFlyingMonkey to Sempre Famiglia. That guy shot them on the first X-mas day (if I'm not wrong) because he didn't like they crew name. It's was an amazing day, well every day was amazing back then to be honest.

  • Now to the most important question: What is the best sandwich of all time?
    The best sandwich of all time is a sandwich that is prepared by yourself and not in some fast food restaurant.

    My interview with Slice

  • What is your name?
    My Name is Steve

  • Hi steve! Any relation to Scuba Steve?
    I wish, Scuba Steve is cooler than me

  • Do you know what movie I was referring to? If so, name it, and tell me what you liked about it.
    I'm guessing you was referring to Big Daddy, not the Radio guy who sells car stereos, and I liked pretty much everything about it. The kid reminds me of my son, little terror, and who doesn't like Adam Sandler films?

  • Aliens possibly? So you have kids, how many?
    No Aliens invented him so they must love him, and yeah, I have 2, Boy and a girl, although they aren't really kids anymore. Both in there late teens and both cause me to go bald.

  • Oh my, I remember what I was doing at that age. I'm sorry sir, how are they doing in school? Married I presume?
    Finally divorced! We lived together, separated, for years while the kids were growing up, but I am finally free lol. Kids are doing great, one studies business and the other Art. Although they have little interest in school, they are both really interested in Motor Cross and often compete. They're very hopeful to become professional, but my son broke his arm this year so no racing this season.

  • Owe! So why did you choose the name 'Slice'?
    Good question. I've been called Slice since I started playing 10 years ago, for the Motor Cross Thor Prime Slice gear, just a cool name related to motor cross.

  • So your kids motocross, and you motocrossed. I guess it's a big part of your life you would say?
    Yeah, I always used to take them to races with me and they both loved it, then as soon as my daughter was old enough she wanted a bike, and there been no looking back since. Motor Cross is the best sport!

  • I can say I've never heard anyone say they didn't have fun doing it that's for sure. I love Football personally; can't get enough.. So what's your most fond memory on bootleggers?
    I would say the wars we (TO) had with Revelation / TF. We had a very long war and i think both crews were very good and retaliating, we had a lot of resources and it didn't seem to end + it was fun to keep killing people and see the rest of BL's reaction.. I miss TO

  • I remember that, there was quite a few parties involved in that one..
    Yeah it was Epic, I'm sure you were on Rev's side?

  • Who knows at that point, I've been all over the place and back again. This is about you though. Now to the most important question of course.. What is the best Sandwich of all time!?!?!?
    Aww how am I supposed to answer that.. I will be a typical American and say meatball sub

    My interview with KingofDeath

  • What is your name?
    I'm Alaa

  • Okay Alaa, extremely important here.. Do you know who 'Scuba Steve' is?
    lol Scuba Steve's diving school?

  • You haven't seen the movie "Big Daddy" either?
    I'm Scuba Sam, Scuba Steve's father!

  • Sweet! Did you like the movie? If so, what about it did you like?
    Well unfortunately i haven't seen the movie. I already looked up for it in google.

  • Do you know who Adam Sandler is at least?
    Of course I do!

  • What would you say is your favorite Adam Sandler movie?
    Well I like Grown Ups.

  • What about the film did you like?
    yeah I like it so much haha especially when they put David Spade on a truck wheel and let him go down the street

  • What is the craziest thing you've ever done before?
    Playing Bootleggers, cuz i can't get rid of it! It's in my blood.

  • Why did you choose your name 'KingofDeath'?
    Because I died more than anyone in this game, and I'm a big fan of Undertaker.

  • What's your fondest memory of playing Bootleggers?
    In the first place when I was Boss of Eternal Labyrinth in round 4 and 5. I have spent a great time with my members, we killed many players, and get killed many times. At that time there were more than 700 players online, and we were having 9 state Don's, and Ndon in the crew. It was really a good days and in the second place when Revelation was the strongest crew in Bl in round 4.

  • Now on to the most important question of them all. In your opinion, what is the best sandwich of all time?
    Chicken sab.

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