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"Omerta" to return for Round 9 SirJmakster

After a discussion with the crew bosses, we made a decisive resolution concerning the future prospects of Omerta.

I would like to start with some accomplishments that were obtained on behalf of our crew, Omerta, in the past:

  • Obtained the first bullet factory of Round 6.
  • Assembled a group of shooters to attack Smoke and Mirror's and alliances with The Syndicate and affiliates.
  • Shelled out approximately 2 million bullets in Round 6.
  • Obtained the first bullet factory in Illinois for Round 7, which was held by BootsToasses. (That BF was later sold to Event Horizon.

About Omerta:

We started as five members and grew into a great group of 40, all of whom were dedicated and loyal to the crew. Omerta is always seeking prosperity and loyalty.

We had many great days, laughs and s in the crew. We don't categorize or handle ranks as an internal process; everybody in the crew belongs there to serve themselves and to benefit the group and its members. We always solve our issues in a diplomatic manner, which will create stability amongst any party we have encountered.

Round 9 is a new goal for Omerta, If you are interested in joining our crew, do not hesitate to contact Relentless_ or SirJmakster.

We are the code of silence, We are Omerta.

Thank you for reading, and we are looking forward to your feedback and inquiry.