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Mika Promoted! RubiksCube

Please welcome our newest Administrator, Mika!

Mika has shown an enormous amount of commitment and dedication to Bootleggers. Not only during pleasant times, but throughout trying times as well. He has never given up and has always pushed our team to persevere. He has become a vital part to not only the Elite Guard, but to the game as a whole.

Thank you Mika for your unwavering loyalty to this game and its community and for all you have contributed to it. Bootleggers and I are both lucky to have you. You have without a doubt earned your position.

BSF2000 said

A shock to many in the bootleggers community over the past week as it was announced that our former Head Moderator Mika has been promoted to Administrator. The sixth person to ever take the position (excluding BSF)!

Mika has proven himself over years of dedication (and no doubt sacrifice), during his time as a Player, Help Desk Operator and Moderator, for the game and it's players.

Many congratulations were found in the Game Forum topic, including a note from Sky, who said:

There is literally no more one more deserving, and I look forward to the Mika era!
Sky said

and Caboose giving a bit of in-sight as to the cons to this new found promotion:

I think this is one of those promotions where you still have to do all of the tasks from your old job as well as the ones that come with the new position poor Mika
Caboose said

So in what ways will this change what Mika does? He noted in the forums:

I have been given some additional access, but will continue doing what I have been doing. Only now I'm red instead of green.

BSF and I will have a chat this Tuesday about how I will be filling in this new role exactly. I will hear what he has in mind.
Mika said

With the reset only around the corner, the Elite Guard staff having a little restructuring, and what is set to be an aggressive start to the summer. Everyone here at the Bootleggers Buzz wishes Mika the best of luck in his new position!