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Ask the Administrators: a review. Nontroversy

Many moons ago, a small unassuming post was placed on the general forum asking if anyone had any questions for the administrators.

“Ha! Do you mean BSF?” someone cried, making me glance at my shoes and sigh at the misleading title (that my editor gave to me, thanks dude )

No I did not mean BSF2000, and in light of the recent appointment of Mika as a new administrator proved, a topical one.

Some great questions were asked, and answered, in the post itself.
Two remained.

Do you foresee the users online coming back fully and the crew members list on the crew page?
Smokeybear4 said

The fair (but a bit spiky) maiden known as VooDooDoll was kind enough to respond to this:

“ Anything is possible! That is something we will discuss and debate then decide whether or not we think it will benefit the game by doing so.”

SheikhYaShimmy wrote: “How do you plan to find a balance between the two different styles of play?”

This was well answered in the forum by LennyLen and deserves a mention:

“Bring back establishments for un-crewed players to build private gyms, hospitals and such on with lower timers. Maybe escrow updated to send bullets across too.”
LennyLen said

In addition to this, VooDooDoll commented:

“This is something we have been trying to do for awhile now. Some things are trial and error. For example: The users online page, crew page, limit on find player, and so forth.
Either way we go one "side" is going to be salty about it. We continue taking suggestions and evaluating them to see if they will have an impact on the game. We try to make positive changes based on the game as a whole not based on the needs/wants of a "side".
VooDooDoll said

Ultimately, it seems if you do not ask, you do not get.
And I got to smile at the use of the word "salty" to describe certain people's reactions to changes in the game.

When practical, interesting and decent suggestions were made this round, there were attempts to implement them; I think back to Sky's work with aiding many players with certain small additions to the gameplay that were met with applause (see the updates page for details)

I hope that – as Round 9 looms – we continue as a community to push what we want to see in this game and what we would like to achieve in our own playing of it.