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Concerns for next reset EazyDoesIt

This round was fast and furious, with new crews trying to make it to the top, and old crews sustaining a sense of entitlement and territory. However, the end of this round has left a huge gap open for the beginning phase of next round. With so many people actually getting into the game now, I feel that there will be too many crews for the amount of slots we have next round. Toward the end of this round, almost daily I see unheard of players attempting to start new crews, which i believe will carry on into next round.

With the constantly growing amount of players, and the constant want and desire to be the best, i think that next round will consist of many underground crews just waiting for their chance to be in the spotlight. Personally, I am very excited for next round, as I know it will be unlike any other round. I believe next round will not consist of any "Crew monopolies", so to speak, and more underground shooters.

As players, we can only learn from our mistakes every round, and I believe many players will learn what to change after witnessing the monopoly of the Alliance this round. However, only time will tell. All i know is that we are all in for a huge suprise next round.

Thanks for reading.