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Bootlegging On The Go Joke

As everyone is very well aware, there have been many changes in the last few months. Some of the changes weren’t perfected before their release and still have bugs that need to be fixed, while others work just as great as they were originally intended to. However for one new feature it’s on the players to learn - along with the administrators - how to use in order to play and improve the game for everyone. Mobile devices have been an explosion with society, and now because of the hard work of Sky and BSF2000, Bootleggers is now much more easily accessible.

It’s hard to take for granted just how easy ranking has become; the accessibility largely exceeds what could have ever been dreamt of when this site first started. With smartphones in nearly everyone’s pocket, nearly any player can bootleg across state lines while they’re simply sitting at a restaurant, or attempt to bust their friend from the penitentiary while they’re hard at work, or burglarize the Coin Laundry Company while procrastinating cleaning. With this newer convenience, every player should practice consideration and delay any organized crimes if in a theater watching a movie, and much more importantly, remember to play responsibly and never ever attempt to steal a car while driving.

Besides the risk of playing while driving, many players are beginning to realize the biggest problem of playing on a mobile device may be attempting to commit an Organized Crime. Many players use their phone to get on for just a moment to commit a crime or maybe work out at the gym before returning their phone to their pocket. When their Organized Crime timer is up, some peruse the Classifieds for a team to join and spend a few extra minutes to travel and ready up before allowing their phone to resume sleeping. As any new scum may not know but every other player has experienced, in order to successfully rob a state bank, every team member must be online and active. As CastleInTheCloud pointed out, “you can’t help your team rob a bank if you’re not there!”

In a brief survey presented in the Game Forum, it appeared the majority of mobile players simply join the team without a worry and allow their mobile device to sleep only to return later to see everything went off without a hitch. However, a small group of players admitted to be unsure if their status changes to offline whenever they’re not actively playing, and dedicate the time required to stare at their screen ensuring their participation on the team remains. Unfortunately, every player occasionally hears of someone either leading an OC that had to wait for or kick a player, or someone getting kicked for the reason of being offline. Mika made the comment that while the Elite Guard were testing the new feature before the release of the mobile version, they discovered and fixed the occasional issue, but they quickly realized they couldn’t perfect the application as there are an incredible amount of variables that go in to play for every person.

As it is now, the mobile version is nearly flawless, but for some users it could be a headache. There are many factors that could affect your situation, from something a little more obvious, such as cellular/internet service provider, device manufacturer, operating system, reception, to the more specific, such as which browser app, cookie settings, sleep settings, lock settings, any automatic task killing commands or apps, wifi/data connectivity settings, and/or whether the device is rooted, just to name a few explanations among the millions of reasons the mobile device may or may not show a player as offline while not actively being used.

fluffydodo assisted The Buzz in a simple and brief experiment to test the status and how it’s affected during a series of varying actions. During the test, he allowed his phone, an Android, to fall asleep as it would naturally without him using it, he put it to sleep, changed the lock screen settings, killed his internet browser app, turned on airplane mode, and lastly, turned his phone off. In the first few experiments, his status stayed the same; it showed him Online and after five minutes, Idle, whenever it maintained a connection. It wasn’t until the last few experiments that it would change his status to Offline, and only after a few minutes. If he physically killed his browser app, put airplane mode on, or turned his phone off, he would still be allowed to get right back on the news page without logging in, so it begs to answer the question of what affect cookies have. Logically, as long as the settings promote the retention of cookies on your device, as long as your device can access the internet, you may be fortunate enough to participate in a crime while not actually being there. If your settings do not allow for cookies, it’s easy to imagine any moment you’re not active, you’d show as offline.

It may take a little while before everyone has a clear understanding how to use their mobile devices to assist in ranking up, and only with time will the population know enough for everything to run smoothly. Patience and compassion are not only always good practices, but with a majority of players using mobile devices that may show a user as offline only to come back later upset of the money and organized crime commitment lost, it’s very nice to give everyone a few extra moments in any event. Regardless, the Elite Guard deserve recognition for their work, as playing while away from a computer has freed up many users to actually go outside and see the sun for the first time in over ten years, and even possibly to regain participation in their friends’ and families’ lives!