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The Voice of Bootleggers Afty

This is something different for The Buzz this round. I sometimes think of issues or features that could be slightly tweaked or improved to balance the game a little bit but these are just my own thoughts. I’m not a huge fan of the Game Forums as I tend to post and then walk off and forget to keep up with the thread. The point of this new column is for you to interact in the comments section below and give me your thoughts on what I have to say.

The main question for this article is: should the Swiss Bank feature be updated or tweaked slightly to be more in line with other game features?

So, I should elaborate on what I feel is wrong with the Swiss Bank. I have watched the statistics page for the last ten days or more and noticed that the total money in the Swiss Bank is slowly rising – so it is actually being used (albeit not massively). What I did notice though was that during the shooting of Event Horizon the amount of cash in the Swiss Bank jumped from around $20 million to over $80 million. The amount dropped back to around $20 million soon after. This indicates that the feature does have a use, but is this kind of use getting the best out of it?

Given the change in profile wealth status this round I think that more players are being cautious about holding too much cash on hand. The obvious place for this cash to go is into Gold. This has caused a sharp increase in the Gold prices but Gold is a great investment because it will eventually increase in value as the round goes on. The downside to Gold is that it can sometimes be very difficult to find someone looking to sell. At certain times you can often see more posts on Classifieds looking to buy Gold rather than to sell it.

Another method of protecting cash is to use a cash holder. Now, this isn’t a dupe account, it is a friend who is usually off the radar and free to hold on to some of your cash in order to pass it back to you at a later date. The benefit of this is that the player holding it is able to bank it with the Federal Bank and earn interest on it.

If we look at those features in comparison to the Swiss Bank:
  • Gold – gains in value. 10% of the return is lost when sold to another player.
  • Holder – gains interest. 10% is lost on each transfer, so 20% in total.
  • Swiss Bank – gains nothing. 30% is lost on withdrawal.

Even in the case of the holder, the total of 20% isn’t actually lost if the holder is able to bank the cash for a number of days before it is returned. In terms of pros and cons, is the Swiss Bank too heavy with cons? I understand that the cash is protected from death – but so is cash held up in Gold. If you pick the right holder(s) then the cash is also safe from death.

So in conclusion, my view would be to revise the Swiss Bank a little bit so that players can get more use out of it. Personally, I don’t think that it should be a ‘last resort’ feature. Here are some questions for you:
  • Do you ever use the Swiss Bank?
  • Do you think that the Swiss Bank should change at all?
  • What would you do to change it?
  • Is the 30% withdrawal fee balanced compared to other features?

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