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The Vanguard and Death Valley, The Death Vanguard Alliance Scarcio

NOTE FROM THE WRITER - Dear reader, I know you might doubt this article because I am very closely related to the subject I'm writing about. I tried to be as objective as I could possibly be, I am sorry if I failed in doing so.

Monday 2PM. The crew update. 6 crewspots, 25 crews competing for them. After a very short clicking battle for these spots crews form and try to fill up to 20 members. Looking closely we notice that some of the higher ups in The Vanguard leave their crew and join Death Valley. Within a few days we see members swapping between these crews, a Death Academy starting up and Friday Lions of Zion appears after a very long break. The Death Vanguard Alliance was created!

The Death Vanguard Alliance, an alliance created from the two well-known crews Death Valley and The Vanguard. Earlier articles in the buzz have mentioned an alliance being created by on stats crews but this terminates all rumours and gives us confirmation. The two spots at the top of the users online list have gained two more gang spots since they merged; Death Academy and Lions of Zion.

Trying to get some objective information without putting too much of my own opinion in this article, I interviewed Sored, one of the Bosses of the Alliance. First of all asking what made them decide to merge, and if this was planned long beforehand. He replies that Death Valley and The Vanguard, from here on I’ll call them DV and TV, have always been close crews. They go way back together and when the crew update was fixed they decided to merge. According to Sored the crew is under 1 council now, existing 50/50 of TV and DV members so neither of them is ‘the one who absorbed the other crew’. Currently there is the ‘main spot’ which is DV, also the only spot with crew status. Then there’s the second spot for the main members, which his TV. Next there is the Death Academy. This is a spot for newer members of the Alliance to join, with them required to ‘earn 100% of our trust to reach the main spots’ according to Sored. Then there’s Lions of Zion, a name we’ve seen before in a previous round. This used to be The Vanguards second crew for newer members, but this time it’s not an academy as the Vanguard just re-used the name out of nostalgia.

The future plans of The Death Vanguard Alliance or TDVA (those crew names become way to long) were not disclosed by any of the bosses. Sored did say that they are not looking for a 5th spot at the moment and are not sure either if they will keep all 4 spots. Surely we are looking forward of what this alliance may bring in the future. When I asked Sored if there are other crews in this alliance next to DV and TV he replied ‘We all know this game is built on relationships however TV and DV have merged and I can’t see us merging with any other crews right now’ which didn’t really bring us any new interesting information.

On my last question about the upgrade to a family spot still being bugged Sored replied short but clearly; ‘To be honest with you, it’s frustrating and I’m sure the whole community feels the same way.’
What we do know for now is that they survived the first 6 days since the upgrade without any harm and gained 2 spots in the process. Will TDVA be the strongest crew this round? Will they expand further or will they lose control over to many spots? Are they making themselves stronger or getting into a bigger target position for other crews to shoot? Future will tell.