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The sun sets on Event Horizon Illinois

In the early hours of Sunday morning we witnessed the shooting of Event Horizon. Before the echoes of bullet fire had died down we attempted to track down a shooter. We found Nitro (named Aztec when interviewed) hastily leaving the corpse of another member and jumping into his car. We gave chase in the official Buzz car and finally caught up with him. He consented to give us an interview and our very own Troglodyte led the questioning.

We asked why he targeted Event Horizon. “I have no grudge against EH, but I had to retaliate for my friends that were killed by Pinkster (a member of Event Horizon). If they kill my friends again, I’ll shoot them again”. A defensive response and one that is very likely to provoke the other side. As many of the community have already concluded, the recent shootings of crewless relatively high ranked players has been the work of Event Horizon and was in an attempt to attack those accounts that may belong to The Family (TF). With this in mind, we asked whether the ‘friends’ that Nitro was referring to may have been targeted for that reason or if there had been another. “Absolutely no reason” he told us. “We are real life friends who have been ranking, gambling and trying to get rich since the reset. We are not naturally inclined to kill people, but we don't like to get pushed around either. I had to take my chance before they surely got me too. We have nothing to do with 'The Family’”. Unfortunately, at this point Nitro aka Aztec was removed from the scene by the authorities and we were unable to contact him again. The facts that we did collect before hand however, have provided us with some of the basic information concerning this attack. It appears it was provoked and not directly linked to the announcement that a statistics ‘gang’ would be able to upgrade to a ‘crew’ the following Monday as many players had speculated. Putting this poignant, piece of proof to one side we headed on down town to find the other party involved.

Arriving at Event Horizon HQ, we found MsBettyB aka BettyB at her desk. Allowing us an interview, we asked her if she knew who shot her and why? “I was told that Nitro was the shooter” she informed us. “The rumour is that they are with the TF and company group”. As many of the players who were present in the previous round will know, MsBettyB is also referring to the other groups that made use of their underground advantage. “That’s a good enough reason for them to shoot at EH as if they are with that group they would not want to see EH upgrade from a gang to a crew”. We asked MsBettyB if she thought it was purely related to the announcement that was made Saturday 17th May1. “I think that the announcement being made had a lot to do with the timing if my theory on who shot is correct, yes. The announcement was bad form, very bad form”. We pushed her to see what might have been a more preferable solution in her opinion: “Do not announce when you plan to put the fix into place (when it's finally finished), what good does that do anyone except give a heads up to the UG crews? It does no good for the stats crew's who've been nothing more than sitting ducks from the start and put huge amounts of work into a 100% non functioning feature.” This brings to light an interesting conflict of information. Whilst Nitro told us that this was purely a retaliatory swipe the boss of Event Horizon feels differently. Certainly, if we take MsBettyB’s suggestion that it was due to the announcement as true, the timing does match reasonably well however, we are yet to uncover the facts.

A concern that has been pushed into the spotlight as a result of the attack is whether or not these crew updates have really had their intended effects. With a single shooter wiping an entire crew of reasonably highly ranked accounts, there are murmuring of unease from other crews who may well feel that their protection is not as high as they had thought. One of the key reasons that crews were revamped was due to the fact the balance of underground crews vs statistics crews was skewed heavily towards the former. A sole shooter used to take down a gang (albeit the first level of a crew spot) is alarmingly reminiscent of Round 7. When we put this point to MsBettyB she told us “Who can actually say at this point honestly. Due to incompetence and what appears to be a lack of caring on the part of the EG, we have no idea what the crew feature can actually do. If anything.

I do think that the kill system has a bug though. Used to be if you shot someone and failed, you had to search again. Now you do not have to search again you can just keep shooting 100 bullets until your target is dead. If it is supposed to be like that it's a fail. If it's another bug it's still a fail.” Whilst it seems that the main part of the blame falls to the staff, in MsBettyB’s opinion, we of course had to enquire about possible retribution. We were not disappointed as she replied “The trick is tracking them (TF) down. However, if we find them we’ll shoot them without a doubt”. A fighting response from Event Horizon then but no less than previous rounds have made us expect. With more wounded members returning to Event Horizon HQ we deemed it prudent to retreat but not before MsBettyB could provide us with a parting statement. “I am very proud of all the members of EH and all that they have managed to do this round and I would like to remind everyone that we all need to work together against game dominance such as what happened last round.”

In the intervening time between the event and this article being published Event Horizon have made use of a crew spot and upgraded it to be of crew level which is currently called The Elite Bard. Unfortunately, we were unable to track down anyone else related to the other side or anyone willing to discuss the happenings with us further. There is little doubt though that whoever was behind the attack ensured it was well executed.

Within just over a day of the announcement that statistic crews would be fixed we have already seen fireworks, some serious bullets, cash and points burned. There may well be more to come and we will keep our eyes peeled for the those illusive shooters. Hostilities have begun with Event Horizon taking their first beating of the round but if previous form is representative then we can certainly expect a ruthless, retaliatory remonstration.

    1. An announcement was posted on the updates page ( that stated the following: “Gangs will be able to be upgraded this coming Monday at 2PM BL time.”