Sunday, June 1st, 2014
Issue: 6   Editor: FlameS

A new tactic? Constans

This week saw the wipe of Gustin Gang from the statistics, at the hands of two shooters as far as we have been made aware, namely Sam and Friction. But the reasons behind the wipe and possible repercussions that may result from it are yet to be seen. It appears the bloodshed may lie further afield than just Dutch Inc and Gustin Gang! Could a new tactic be taking hold as we reach a stage in the round where lust for power and dominance takes over? We were able to get an extensive interview with Quit2, Boss of Gustin Gang, but Bosses of other involved parties remained more tight-lipped, as did the shooters themselves.

As the story began to unfold it became clear this was far more than a black on black crew wiping crew. It came to fruition that in fact Death Valley were chief instigators of the shooting, as Boss of the outfit KingofDeath had ordered the shooting based on what can only be described as flimsy hear-say that Gustin Gang were themselves preparing to open fire on them. This claim was denied by Quit, as he said, "KingOfDeath, the current holder of DV's main crew spot was made to believe we were preparing to shoot one or 2 of DV's minor crew spots. This was not true. We are actually friendly with several people in DV."

This being the case, why would someone have suggested this to Death Valley? Indeed further questions may be posed as to why a member of Dutch Inc is shooting on their behalf. All this will remain unanswered as Bosses of both outfits failed to provide extensive comment where asked. The presiding theory as to the reasoning for the wipe was well covered by Quit, as he told us, "My guess is that a party that wants to dominate the game is trying to have the opposition to shoot each other. If DV shoots all the other opposition, the one who was tricking them will only have to shoot DV." Going on to say, "I don't think the Syndicate is returning. Friction was not behind the shooting, he just executed it. I don't know who this party would be. But if some anonymous informant sets up two crews against each other who have been friendly so far this round, there must be someone who wanted us to be shot and didn't want to use his own resources for it."

At a time where little has been heard of the crews who dominated Round 7, is this the first play they are to make? Crew spots have been made into a more lucrative and appealing place to preside, with users needing to shoot in pairs or even groups in order to topple them. But as was said by Quit, what if these groups are able to get crews who are said to be allied and friendly to take each other out. To then come in as the dust settles and reap the rewards. Ironic perhaps that Death Valley have recently forged a new more potent relationship with The Vanguard. Would it be the case that Death Valley would open fire upon them too, given a rumor was to surface suggesting they may be loading for bear? One can only speculate!

The mood appeared to mellow as member of Death Valley Evisu gifted the dropped spot back to Quit2, who then began allowing the fallen members of Gustin Gang back into the spot. The swift and perhaps unjust actions of Death Valley however may be cause for some concern for anyone thought to be in alliance with them. Further to this, the involvement of Dutch Inc in the whole situation remains a mystery. Did they act on behalf of Death Valley? If so, why? Questions which we may only speculate as to the true answers of for now. But surely with time, will come clarity.
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