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Four Players Join the Help Desk Joke

As we’re all aware, on April 25th, Mika announced in the Game Forum new Help Desk Operators would be recruited in a style unlike ever before. He posted the format of an application that would be sent to him and the Elite Guard would then look into every candidate and hire from the pool received. Of the 99 players players to send a bootmail to Mika and apply to get their name in yellow, only three were selected.

"Before the reset took place, the Elite Guard had several meetings to discuss new features and policies for this round. During one of the meetings, Aldarion suggested to allow players to apply for the position of HDO, instead of us picking them. This way, we would allow everyone who was interested to take a shot, making it less likely to miss an incredibly talented player. We agreed to do this, and the topic on the Game Forum is a result of that, credit for which should also go to Aldarion.” Mika continues, "We were very happy with all the applications that we received. For our final selection, we looked at time zones as well quality of the application, because the aim was to form a team that has at least one member (HDO or Mod) online at any given time during the day." The selection process proved to be quite difficult for the Elite Guard, "We received a lot of really good applications; they have all been stored in our Crew Forum, and they will most likely be used in the future when more HDOs are needed"

The notorious prankster, Mika took advantage of the opportunity to have a little fun with each person before giving them the confirmation they had been chosen to be a new HDO. He threatened two of them with a ban, and expressed concerns to Illinois, one of our Buzz writers, of his activity on the team, which as you can see with his riveting articles every week, is quite alright. "I am quite happy they worked out the way that they did. It is always a bit of a risk that is taken when you pull such a prank. People may completely freak out or, even worse, may not fall for it. Luckily our HDOs were great sports and managed to appreciate the prank once they were in yellow. "

In addition to the three that were selected to don the yellow coat and accept the responsibility of helping us all with our questions and keeping the forums clean, it was announced that fivelitre returned to the spotlight and picked back up the duties as a Help Desk Operator as well.

The Buzz got in touch with each one for a statement regarding their promotion:

I applied simply because I was given the chance. Since this was the first time it happened, I took a shot at it. I assumed a lot of people applied and that I probably wouldn't get chosen, but how wrong I was.

I believe I was selected because of the experience I bought to the table. I've been around for some time now, and more likely, because I bribed the EG with some brownies (obviously a joke about the brownies).

I'm hoping I'll be around for long into the future, I love this community, and I've been given a chance to help out the new players and show them the great side of BL.

At first, I was optimistic, but after I didn't get a response for some time, I became a little sad and started to accept the fact that I didn't make the cut. I was in class when Mika almost gave me a heart attack, saying, "You have been chosen for round 2, however, there were issues with your account and there are two options, I demote your account to a lower rank, or a straight ban."

I messaged back, "This is how you're going to recruit me?" I wasn't going to fall for it, nope.

He dodged that questions and asked "what will it be? Or do you have another option in mind?"

At this point, I was just about to start to falling for Mika's tricks and respond, "A ban is fair" and start saying my farewells when he tells me that I could work it off by becoming yellow and surprise! Here I am, all dressed up in a yellow suit!

I'm still taking it all in. It's a huge position in the community and of course it came as a shock when Mika messaged. I've started receiving invites into crews, which is pretty new to me.

HOMI FOR MOD 2015. That is all.

I'd always been interested in the job, mainly because I generally enjoy helping people out. Plus, I'm a bit of a tidy freak so anything I can do to keep the forums tidy is a good thing.

Quite honestly, I wasn't expecting to be chosen. I applied because often the opportunity goes to someone else straight away that they've obviously had their eye on and I've thought before that maybe I could do it.

I had a lovely blue jacket and I bought a hat to match. Then, 'BAM', Mika took my jacket and gave me a yellow one! Back to the hat shop then! Aside from that, a shiny new forum and a bunch of x's on the main forum are the only things that have changed for me!

Hopefully my future will remain yellow! It's already been great fun and so I'd like to carry on!

I applied because I believe I can make a difference. Whether it be how people play the game, or how the staff interacts with the players, either one suits me.

I didn’t think I’d ever become an HDO and honestly I don’t know why I was chosen, that one’s for Mika, they must have trusted in me that I could help.

Nothing’s changed for me really, I’ve just been trying to get my head around all these extra buttons and a tad bit more popularity.

My future looks great, I still enjoy playing the game and I love to help. Bit early to think of my long term future.

Mika scared the crap out of me! He accused me of doing a third party money transfer between two accounts, saying that because I applied they did an in-depth analysis of my recent actions. He didn't ban me straight away so I could explain myself - which to me tipped me off because what's a ban appeal for right? Then jokes aside I got a fairly big message saying I have been accepted.

I've always kind of been lurking around for the last year or so and just been keeping in contact with those that I remembered and seeing how the game was doing. I have been back for a while, I just haven't really drawn much attention to myself.

Bootleggers was a major part of my life for many years. I made some great friends on here while I was an HDO/Mod/Admin (I still talk to a lot of them regularly - Even met up with a few!). I've always enjoyed helping people and helping out the game and I realized that during my lurking, that after all my time as being on the staff that I enjoyed the job/responsibility of making sure everyone was playing fair and getting the most out of the game more than actually playing the game myself.

I’m not 100% sure what my plans are for the honest. I'm not ruling anything out, but I'm also not promising anything. I understand that to a lot of people I may be some no-name that just came in and got this spot without having to prove myself. Whereas to others (apparently), I'm a welcomed sight back to the game. We'll just take it one day at a time and see where things take me. I told Mika and the staff that the very last thing I'd ever want to do is screw someone out of something they've been working hard towards (HDO/Mod) just because of who I am.

Along with Mika and what he posted in the game forum, everyone here at the Buzz would also "like to extend our congratulations to the three Help Desk Operators that were selected and welcome them to the team!" And welcome back fivelitre!