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Our First Respectable Don is Taken Down Joke

There was quite the sound heard around four in the afternoon on Sunday in Illinois, as the explosion of gunfire rang out with over 70,000 bullets flying through the air. It was nothing short of a miracle only two people died despite that much lead thrown around.

The story begins with the respected man who peacefully and modestly ranked up faster than anyone else this round. When asked what he was most proud of during his time atop the chart, he replied “I don’t really know what I’m the most proud of to be honest. In my opinion, it’s not that big an achievement to reach that rank that fast, I’m sure others could have done it faster if they wanted, however the fact I did it and didn’t get shot (until Ralfhb) is the biggest achievement.”

Only eight short weeks into round eight, most of the players are already aware of the infamous boss of the underground crew, US Marshals, who calls himself Rami, or Rafiq. He has gone under many aliases such as MiniMe, CrashBash, ScoopyDoo and many others. He has made a name for himself as somewhat of a disrespectful and dishonest scammer. For days he posted an advertisement in the Classifeds that he was looking for a shooter, and he eventually found one in Ralfhb.

Ralfhb reported to the Buzz he had a personal motivation to agree to the offer presented to him by Rami to take out plax, and that was the substantial sum he was promised as payment for the killing. “When I shot plax, I knew I was signing my death wish, but I didn’t care. It was nothing personal. Just business.” He received 500 coins to fund the bullets and expenses, and was promised 4,000 gold coins by Rami after the successful kill, which surprisingly, he never received. To nobody’s surprise, he was quickly killed a few hours later by Zero, a member of Death Valley. Ralfhb believed he was identified as the killer and shot down because he “had a picture of UsM on my profile. I’m not a member, but they paid for the hit so I put it on my profile.” Ralfhb also expressed to the Buzz that he wished it would be stressed how good a scammer Rami is, and hoped everyone learn from his experience to prevent anyone from ever getting scammed by him again.

Other than getting a bootmail from MiniMe two minutes before seeing the terrifying death screen, plax had only a slight inclination that UsM or MiniMe had anything at all to do with his death. He was aware a couple crews stepped up to take care of his killer, but it wasn’t until a few days later he learned Zero took out Ralfhb. Zero said he was paid to take out Ralfhb, and he didn’t know why. “Well I got paid to shoot the guy, It was very unclear actually who paid me, but it was not plaxv2. He shot someone who did not like that, but let me just say the amount was high enough for me to not ask any questions.”

Rami is known by every current crew boss very well as he has threatened them on behalf of plax that they would be wiped without sending him thousands of gold coins. When asked whether plax thought of why he was killed, “Well, one theory is that I died as a part of the Rami/US Marshals terror spree. Another theory is that as he had apparently been telling crews they would get killed shortly, and that I demanded gold from some of them, an enemy may have arose, however, I don’t think anyone actually cared much about it.” He continued, “well, I didn’t make the best relationships with the crews, but I did with a lot of individuals, and considering that’s what crews are made of, I guess I might have good relationships with most crews.”

Plax was alive for forty two days, and therefore, should have been able to do eighty four organized crimes without resetting his timer. Although, after making over four hundred booze runs, or as the man himself said, “alooot of booze,” and earning nearly two and half million from burglarizing local businesses, he was able to fund an additional one hundred and thirty six organized crimes. One of the things he was most proud of during his run to the top of the game was that he “made a lot of friends when I did all those OCs, apparently more friends than i knew myself.” And he continued, “even though some may think or feel it was a waste of effort, it surely was not. It felt good to make those friends on my journey.”

After getting that BM from MiniMe saying he was going to kill him, plax “knew I could get shot at any time, but I didn’t think too much about it. Usually there’s some empty threats, I’ve had them a few times before, but I felt there was no real reason that time. I was always prepared to die.” Following the dreadful sight of the death page, “I would say I got a bit surprised, it’s not something that happens every day so, but I wasn’t actually mad at all. It was a bit sad I didn’t get to be LDon at least. I think I was only a day or two away.” However, through the experience, there was one thing to make the man behind the name mad in the slightest, “I messed up and started at scum, I was actually about that than the fact I died.” Once he started his new name, he was bombarded with messages from fellow players offering their condolences, “I got a lot of BMs, just enough I could answer all of them, or most of them at least, but it took me around an hour or so!”

Plax was asked if he had any plans of retaliation or any words for his killer or Rami and he answered quite respectfully, “even though I could say several bad things about him, I wouldn't do it. Lets just say there’s a reason US Marshals only lasted twelve hours on the stats. He’s not exactly popular.”

And lastly, plax left us with some words of hope. “I've continued to play quite a bit in the last days as well, and the round is still young, there’s plenty of time to get back up there!”

He was kind enough to provide for us the stats from his account taken moments before his death:

Crimes (Success): 5,028
Crimes (Failed): 1,764
Crimes (Total): 6,792
Crimes (Profit): $2,486,445
Stolen cars (Success): 1,446
Stolen cars (Failed): 2,341
Stolen cars (Total): 3,787
Booze (Bought): 19,478
Booze (Sold): 19,094
Busts (Success): 346 (24%)
Busts (Failed): 1,072 (76%)
Busts (Total): 1,418
Busts streak (Highest): 5
Arrested (Total): 2,234
Arrests evaded (Success): 26
Arrests evaded (Failed): 48
Arrests evaded (Total): 74
Jail time (H:M:S): 65:34:40
Organized crimes (Success): 220
Organized crimes (Failed): 0
Organized crimes (Total): 220
Kills (Total): 0
Traveled (Total): 440
Online (Active D:H:M): 35:12:12
Online (Idle D:H:M): 03:13:45
Online (Total D:H:M): 39:01:57