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A shiny, new green jacket Illinois

In the early hours of another Bootleggers day we witnessed an event that certainly was a shock to many. A name on the users online page had appeared Green. Was it the illusive Sky? Was it Mika checking in? No, it was our brand new moderator and developer Caboose. With his name floating in the middle of Users Online page, we just had to go and have a chat about the who, why and when of this surprising staffing situation.

We caught up with Caboose at Elite Guard HQ complete with his map and compass and pressed him for a few questions. He consented and we began with the obvious: How did this appointment come about? Caboose told us that he “contacted the Elite Guard to offer [his] services”. He went on to say “I was not sure if they were looking for another member or not however”. We asked whether he had experience in this realm and we were delighted to discover he did, unsurprisingly - “Coding is my day job and i’ve been doing it for 8 years”. A lengthy stint which is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic asset to the Elite Guard and comforting to know that we’ve got another pair of skilled hands. We went on to ask Caboose why he decided to offer his skills to assist BSF2000. “I’ve been playing Bootleggers for over 10 years” he told us, “I have wanted to work on the game since day one. I saw a unique opportunity where I had the expertise, and I felt the game had the need for another developer to join the team”. We’re sure everyone would agree with this last statement. Indeed, in the welcome topic1 that BSF2000 posted in the forum, the response has been met with positive feedback. Many users have praised Bootleggers for bringing on a new developer to help battle with the bugs.

With a reasonably extensive list of bugs that need attention we asked our new green guy where he might start and what would be first. “The most important thing for me right now is to understand how everything works so that when I go to fix something I will know what will be affected downstream and what objects I need to touch to ensure everything works smoothly”. We can’t fault him on this approach because there is undoubtedly a lot of code to read and mysteries to unravel. With the main questions asked, we went on to ask him if he would like to lift the mysterious cloud of unknown that he is currently shrouded in to which he replied “I think that’s part of the fun! I am actually glad that people feel that way because I have always tried to stay under the radar, which is the biggest reason I've never used the same username twice. I've listed all of my previous usernames (that I can remember) on my profile, and I've been part of high profile crews, so chances are a lot of people have interacted with me and don't realize or remember it!”. An ominous response, if anything, but a gentle reminder not to take all Bootleggers players at face value! Finally, we asked Caboose if he had any parting words for the community themselves. “I would ask everyone to be patient”. Clearly the Elite Guard training has begun with this classic reply but he finished by saying “I know there are a lot of outstanding issues but the game is in very good hands”.

A ray of hope, then, for the committed community and a sense that changes are afoot. This is a vital move by BSF2000 and one which will hopefully restore some faith in the future of Bootleggers. As Caboose has reminded us, we must have a little more patience but we can be optimistic that this may well be the long anticipated recovery.