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NEWS: Militia Dropped Troglodyte

At approximately 6am yesterday, the second crew wipe of the week commenced. The unlucky recipients of this attack were the modest outfit of Militia, run by Ghyslayne. A spree, that will win no awards for the fastest wipe ever, has quickly been attributed to the shooter slade and accomplice Ricky, who replied to my enquiry with a conspicuously guilty face. Reasoning for the attack is still unconfirmed but it appears to be another attempted move to nullify whatever weight The Family still has on Bootleggers.

Initial game forum chatter reacted to the slowness of the wipe, with minutes rather than seconds between each kill. There was a brief jab of a finger towards Event Horizon as the perpetrators but this was quickly quashed by one of their members. Almost as suddenly as the shooting had started, it stopped, far short of a complete wipe. Speculation then veered towards failed kills or an attempted inside job. Two hours later, however, the shooting kicked off again, this time resulting in a successfully dropped crew.

A brief chat with Ghyslayne shed some light on the affair. He immediately cleared up the biggest unknown, saying “Slade and Ricky are the two with the most % on the witness, i got some info that they are part of the sacred empire but i haven't confirmed this yet.” If true, this would be their second attack of the week having already put Jailbreak Paradise (JBP) to bed on Wednesday. Koen categorically denied this notion, stating “I don't know why he suspects us, we have nothing to do with them being wiped.”

My next line of enquiry focused on the reasoning for the wipe, whoever was behind it. Ghyslayne is sure that it is down to rumours that his crew is working with The Family (TF): “people believe that i have been working with TF but that is not true. i used to be with [Most Wanted] but that didnt work out and as far as i know TF arent playing any more.” Rumours that TF is no longer a player on Bootleggers persist, but Ghyslayne could not substantiate this, affirming a lack of contact with anyone in the crew. The gang made by slade following the wipe, named ‘The Failmily’, with an amusing GIF of The Family’s adopted mascot, Fernando Torres, falling over, seemingly verifies Ghyslayne’s thoughts. If it is indeed true that they were playing independently and have been shot due to an apparent deep dislike of TF, then Militia have been extremely unlucky. Ghyslayne now believes that war is upon his crew, but is realistic in explaining their next moves: “First we have to rebuild, then we will see if we can reply to this attack but it is hard when there is one side with all the bullet factories. we will see”.

Following the wipe of JBP and yesterday’s action, the culling of the neutral crew doesn’t look like ending any time soon. The most prominent gangs, now turned crews, who all own bullet factories, remain untouched. Now that Caboose is finally fixing the mistakes of BSF2000 in the updated crew system, it will be interesting to see if these crews even need the upgraded defensive features, if there is no one out there with the shooting prowess to challenge them. One would hope that Militia can continue and make a fight of it, or they may face the same fate as Victory, TF ties or not.