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Caboose; Week one, not a weak one Illinois

As those of you who read our last issue will already know, or anyone able to differentiate white names from green names, we witnessed a new Moderator (Developer) join the ranks of the Elite Guard. After general outcries from the community that the game was infested with pesky bugs, Caboose told us how he had “offered his services” to the Elite Guard. This was mostly met with positivity and we thought we’d catch up with him, one week on, to see how it was all going.

After thanking Caboose for his time, we got straight down to business and started with a hard question: “What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve had to get to grips with?”. Caboose told us “Learning the rules, policies and procedures that govern how we moderate the game”. An understandable response certainly, as there must be a fair amount to get his head round which could be quite daunting. There has been much discussion about Caboose in the forums, both positive and negative, with some singing his praises about the bug fixes he has performed and others regaling stories to us about how their friend of a friend’s ex-partner lost some money due to a bug. Either side of the coin, it must have been tricky to have all of this publicity. We asked if he will make any changes to how he will go about the second week of the job. “I think the only thing that will change is I will have more knowledge in order to make better decisions when things come up. Anytime you start a new job you’re going to have growing pains!”.

With the sounds of locking topics and sharp words ringing in our ears we pressed on to admire some of the achievements that Caboose has made. Remembering that this is only his first week, we have seen multiple bug fixes as well as some improvements to other features. This is somewhat reminiscent of when our, seemingly long lost, friend Sky first took hold of Bootleggers which certainly gives us hope. One of the things that struck me whilst talking to Caboose, however, is that he is very focused on the future and what is to come after these apparently insignificant bugs have been dealt with. We asked him if there was anything particular that we could look out for and anything that might be coming soon. “Obviously the big one is Families and influence being implemented on Sunday. Apart from that there are a couple of less critical issues i am working on that I’m sure everyone is aware of.” It seems though, that some players confidence in the code has been knocked as there have been more suggestions of bugs which may or may not fix. “Obviously when someone thinks there is a bug we have to spend a lot of time researching it” Caboose told us, “It can be frustrating when it turns out there was not one. If there’s anything i’m surprised about is how much time I spend on stuff like that”. Hopefully as we progress however, this will become less common. We picked Caboose up on something that had been suggested in passing: “Has the influence not been functioning as planned, up until you repaired it?”. Caboose replied “What I can say is that this will be the first time this round is has been active”. We asked if the criterion that have assessed whether a crew is eligible to upgrade has been based on only the bosses rank to which Caboose replied “Basically, yes”.

Having already borrowed enough of Caboose’s bug battling time we asked him for a final word to the community. “Just keep enjoying the game and keep the feature ideas coming. We are closer than you might think to being able to add stuff!”. With this, he swung his green jacket around his shoulders and strolled off, can of bug-spray in hand.

It seems that the game could well be back on track but also that the learning curve for the jump of ‘regular player’ to ‘game moderator’ could be one that will take a little learning. As we previously stated, Caboose’s sights seem set on the future and new features which can, if anything, only be a positive step forwards for Bootleggers.