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The Sacred Empire Shoots for a Crew Spot! Joke

Two months into the round that promised a new face to crews and exciting new features, we’re still dealing with only bugs and frustration. With only six available Crew spots, and no room for those Crews to upgrade to Families, one of the fourteen Gangs, The Sacred Empire, grew tired and felt they were unable to wait any longer, and decided they needed to grab one of those six spots. On Wednesday morning, Koenvll and Zyzz opened fire on half the members of Jailbreak Paradise, and after a three hour pause, finished most of the rest off and picked up the newly available crew spot.

The Buzz quickly rushed to grab a word from any of the standing members of Jailbreak Paradise during the pause in the shooting that left many fallen friends and the two bosses declined to comment, but SlippyHippy had a brief message for the readers, “We will come back to bust everyone out of jail!”

Fortunately for the Buzz, one of the bosses for The Sacred Empire and one of the shooters, Zyzz had quite a bit to say to fill us in on the shootings that took place. “We lost our faith in the staff after time because were tired of being let down. Every time we got our hopes up, we only got disappointed. The whole crew feature is a huge mistake and should never have been released in the state it has been. We have love for the game, but the failures in the last months were heartbreaking” As nearly every player is very aware and can easily agree with his stance, he continues on to discuss this specific wipe, “We spoke with Caboose but he was unable to shine a light on when he would get around to fixing the upgrade, smaller things concerning more players was more pressing. So since our goal was to maintain a crew spot, we had a few options. We wait for the families to be fixed (which could take months), buy a spot, or shoot for one. For obvious reasons, most crews didn't want to sell their spot. We thought JBP would be the most hopeful to sell, so we offered them a considerable amount and the promise they could upgrade when we get the upgrade to a Family. They declined our offer. Even after pushing them a little, they seemed to prefer a war above a peaceful solution. They knew the risks of turning down our offer, and from our perspective, we were stripped from choice.” When asked why once they were left with the only option of shooting for a spot, why they still chose to shoot Jailbreak Paradise, it became obvious, “they were one of the cheapest crews to shoot. A simple risk assessment showed us retaliation is likely, but an ongoing war very unlikely.”

Nearly every member of Jailbreak Paradise was killed except for Complexity, who shockingly later joined the crew that was responsible for the wipe. Many speculated it was an insiding, but as Zyzz told the Buzz, “several people were not shot, we have nothing personal against them and we did not need to kill every account.” In questioning Complexity’s intentions for joining The Sacred Empire, they had a direct answer, “My reasons for joining The Sacred Empire are simple, I wasn't happy in Jailbreak Paradise, and I've got a lot of good friends who are apart of TSE.”

The day following the shootings, the bug preventing crews from receiving a defined percentage of bullets from their bullet factories and the ability to distribute bullets to members was fixed, and with two bullet factories, it proved beneficial for The Sacred Empire to have grabbed a crew spot. Caboose announced two days after the wipe that crews will finally be able to upgrade to families, so it may have been just in time.