Sunday, June 15th, 2014
Issue: 8   Editor: FlameS

Behind The Name! CoastieII

I randomly choose, with my eyes closed, three different people from the user's online list. My interview with each participant is different, and hopefully slightly unique. I asked several game related questions about them, as well as a few random questions for what seems like no apparent reason whatsoever. So without further delay, lets get to those interviews.

Interview with JustCallRonnEH

1: Okay, to start with, how did you come up with your name?
"It was a saying me and a group of friends had in high school. Ronny was the name of the guy we bought weed from, so anytime we were looking for a good time, we'd jokingly say 'Just Call Ronny'"

2: Wow, that's pretty funny. Have you always gone by that name?
"No, I've had a couple others. I usually change it up though, so I can't really recall any at the time."

3: Alright, little off topic, what is your favorite stoner movie of all time?
"Oh wow, lets see. I think I'd have to say Half Baked. I'd say Big Lebowski, but that's more of a bowling movie"

4: Nice honorable mention though, I mean who doesn't love "the dude"?
"Oh The Dude is awesome. And Walter is such a classic character."

5: Indeed, back on the rails, what do you like about this game?
"I like making accounts. Getting their rank up, ready to shoot, and making money with them. It's a fun repetitive task. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you get shot before you achieve what you've set out to achieve."

6: How long have you been in Event Horizon?
"About 4 months now"

7: You like it there?
"Well I can't really bash my crew publicly in the buzz, but yeah I like it here I've made some new friends, and have had some good fun."

8: So you bash your crew in private? Just kidding, how tall are you?
"Just under 2 meters"

9: What is that in feet and inches?

10: Nice, me as well, what a coincidence. What do you do for a living?
"I work for the government, making lists and handling money and whatnot. Nothing too exciting"

Interview with AbuST

1: First off, where did your bl name 'AbuST' come from?
"It's a mix of letters taken from my first and family name."

2: A family man, I can dig it. Where are you and your family from?

3: Nice, what other countries/regions have you visited in your lifetime? Anywhere special or unique?
"haha well I've visited around 20 countries, some of the best were USA,Italy and Netherlands, also Hungary is a must visit."

4: Just reading that made me hungry. So when did you start playing bootleggers? ?
"Not exactly sure when, but around 2006."

5: Have you logged in from other countries? Or are you strict about sticking to a specific IP?
"Usually I do, but I haven't traveled yet during this reset. haha"

6: What makes you log on every time you do? Is it the community, the gameplay itself, a combination, or something else entirely?
"First of all the community, I love to come and chat with friends and get to know new people, also because of gambling, I'm addicted"

7: What's your biggest casino win of all time on this game?
"It was on an unlimited roulette, I lost around 20 mil so I sold 2k gold and went crazy haha, it was a bet on number 18,red and one of the columns. Roulette win (Best): $47,000,000"

8: Nice, is there anything else you wish to add about yourself? An interesting fact, or unique skill of some sort?
"Here is an interesting fact also, though not about myself.. First 2 persons to read this and send me BM with this word "FLBDH", will get a nice reward."

Interview with HertogJan

1: Sounds good to me, lets start with your bl name 'HertogJan', where does that come from?
"Its a type of beer and Hertog means Duke in English. Started with this name quiet a while ago, never changed it"

2: Very interesting, would of never guessed that. Where are you from?
"the netherlands."

3: Where have you traveled in your lifetime? Anywhere particularly interesting?
"I have traveled quite a lot, most recently visited thailand last year. I like asia, maybe its because I'm half dutch half chinese"

4: That is an interesting combination sir. Have you ever made it to USA?
"Unfortunately not yet... closest i have been so far is curacao, but I definitely want to go there some day."

5: I'm interested, from being an American's perspective. What do you think of America, and what do you envision that it looks like?
"I have nothing really with America in particular, but I do like to watch the NBA."

6: What's your favorite team?
"The Boston Celtics"

7: Any specific reason why?
"I started watching the nba back in the year 2008 when they won the championship with allen, garnett, pierce and rondo. Unfortunately almost all of them left except rondo, I hope they will get back up there some time soon, and well you gotta love rondo"

8:I do love Rondo myself, I don't think I'm really much of any specific team fan, as much as I am just a fan of watching the playoffs. Is there anything else you wish to add? Possibly a shout out?
"lets hope the spurs win this years title, but that is probably already a fact when this gets published"

Well that is it for this week. I apologize for not having this article posted the last couple of weeks. I just started a new semester in college, and got slightly behind on my studies. I'm all caught up now, if you want to be featured just make sure you're online, and you may be chosen. Thank you all for reading, enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Coastie out!

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