Sunday, June 15th, 2014
Issue: 8   Editor: FlameS

Mini-games - Is there still a place for them? FlameS

“Mini-games” as I am calling them for the purpose of this article have been played since the very beginnings of Bootleggers; a game within a game that utilises one of Bootleggers features and turns it into a competition.

The one thing all the various mini-games have in common is that they all utilise the forums, the base of the games communications. When the game was a little more primitive it seemed the games in the forum where equally simple. First to post games or the more annoying last to post games require just speed and patience respectfully, however this sort of forum game did seem to be the original forerunner to some of the more well thought out games the forums are privy to nowadays.

Busting has always been a massive part of Bootleggers, and in recent times the forums have been upgraded to allow the old favourite; bust parties, to be run fairly, efficiently and for Illinois at least, regularly.

Recent years have also given us the ability to run a very efficient game of Uno directly on the forums as well; this mini-game is hugely popular and is perhaps even considered a feature in its own right.

In round eight we have also seen a spike in the number of player controlled mini-games on the forums, in a time when so many mini-games have been integrated directly into the game, is there still a place for player run games?

Coasties War Table has been around for a few years, but has had a recent influx of popularity with rounds being run very regularly. I asked Coastie about the games origins and he said;

“The original idea came from Phriendly in a crew forum. Which one I can't remember. It was a much less detailed, and easier game that he made. I took it the idea and morphed it into the 'WAR Table'. This all happened about six years ago.”

There must be a reason that players that put so much time into a game on the forums for their peers, I asked Coastie the reasons that he has kelp the game alive so long, he replied;

“I don't gain anything from running it, if anything, it costs me money in adding to the pot, time invested, and the money I've spent on pictures. As of right now, I plan on running the game for as long as I'm playing, people really seem to enjoy it. I may run other games in the future, I don't have anything in mind at the moment though. As far as the everyday player gaining anything from the games? I wouldn't say much, other than the winnings if they win. It's not a very easy game to win, most end up killing themselves, however, it's nice to attack people and kill them without actually having to do it.”

The next game definitely worth having a look at is another off topic forum game that is controlled by a player called iPropheT. He runs a game called Werewolf, both this game and Coasties war table rely on several players at once attacking each other with the games owner moderating the actions and keeping the game running. I asked iPropheT about the origins of his game, and he replied thusly;

“I started to lose interest in bootleggers this round so on May 1st, 2014 I started the Werewolf thread. The game itself actually isn't mine at all. I first heard of the game March 19th, 2011 on a YouTube video about Minecraft. From there I visited a forum site that was listed on there to see how the game was played. After a while the site went down so I did research on the origins of the game and it is a card game played at parties. There is also another variation of the game called Mafia.”

With research for this article in mind, I participated in both games recently, and I can truly see why they are popular, they were both fantastic games, extremely unique and interesting, but the real success of these games in my opinion lies with the creators control over the game whilst playing, they keep the game moving at a pace that keeps everyone interested, almost as if the game was automated. So in response to my question; “With all these integrated games around is there a place for player controlled games” – the answer is without doubt, yes – so long as the games owners are as good as Coastie and iPropheT.

The last game I really want to mention in this article is Mary10s world cup sweepstake on the off topic forum. We have seen many world cup games, but this one really stands alone to me as a unique concept. Now that the world cup has started I intend to follow this competition for the next few issues.

Well we have always had lots of mini-games on Bootleggers, but in a time where many of our favourites are now automated, the quality of the mini-games has had to be raised in order to still have a chance with grabbing our attention, so thank you to Mary10, Coastie and iPropheT.

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