Sunday, June 15th, 2014
Issue: 8   Editor: FlameS

New crews on the block! Constans

Recent times have seen an influx of new or returning crews come to the Statistics page. Besides the obvious answer of 'updates', why could this be? Alongside this, what is the importance of what appears to be a series of crews forming close unions? We spoke to a couple of the Bosses of relatively new crews, to get their take and indeed reasoning for hitting the stats this round. This included Nidal, Boss of The Corleone Family and also saieko, Boss of The Prophecy.

Alliances, friendships and even the forging of two crews. The start of Round 8 has seen many crews opt to find strength in unity as allies are found in having common adversaries. However much of this sort of activity has come from more household names, such as The Vanguard and Death Valley to name but two. This however has not put off the smaller fish from getting their own spots on the statistics. With the updates showing some promise of being well worth the wait, crew spots are now at a premium. So what of the new guys we are seeing pop up on the stats?

First up was Nidal, Boss of The Corleone Family. First on our list, was what had originally motivated Nidal to bring his crew to the statistics. When we put this question to him, Nidal told us, "Many reasons I guess, protection, helping some BL players & becoming an active part of BL. creating a crew is like creating a family and taking care of the family members." So perhaps Nidal's vision is one of family. He's going to need a close-knit one as we see more and more bloodshed as the round progresses!

But Nidal was under no illusions as to the importance of unity particularly between crews, as he told us, "with the new update, being a boss of a crew added more protection, still anyone can get killed. Maintaining good relations with other crews and with the BL players in general is they key to safety." We went on to probe this further, the mention of inter-crew relations was a timely one. Recent times have seen unification of what appears to be several crews in their own strive for dominance. What did this show of unity mean to Nidal though? He went on to tell us, "Yeah, very true. Alliances are very important, more protection, more organizing and team work. If anyone wanted to wipe a crew out, they will give a second thoughts if that crew is a part of an alliance." You can read more on crew alliance, unity and common goals in another article by myself this week, which also looks further into the Death Valley/Dutch Inc partnership.

We then finished out time with Nidal, as he wrapped up by saying, "I wish the best luck to all BL players, and thank you for your time." Before this though, Nidal offered his advice to any new crews on the block, saying, "Play clean, respect other crews." Perhaps an interesting recommendation, as we have seen this week the demise of what must be perceived as a clean crew in Jailbreak Paradise. Only you can judge!

We then took the time to spaeak to saieko, Boss of The Prophecy. This is not a new crew, as they have previously made appearances in past rounds of the game, but they are certainly new in terms of round 8!

We kicked off our interview by asking saieko what motivated the Bosses to bring The Prophecy to the stats. He left no stone un-turned in his answer as he told us, "We launched this crew back in Round 6 or 5 (likely round 6). Back then we were a bunch of friends that united against the same enemy." Though whether that enemy still exists, we did not manage to find out. Saieko continued, saying, "We had been on the stats only once since our creation. We mainly worked underground, again more on friend base. We've been thinking about bringing back TP to the stats because stats crews is not something we were into before. We thought it did cost too much to maintain originally. We focused our resources on what matter the most." Carrying on to tell us, "Vero and I had different vision, I wanted to work UG, she wanted to be on the stats. We are now applying Vero's vision to TP. Hopefully, it'll be a good 2nd run for us on the stats." So differing strategy but a united vision has seen The Prophecy join the hoards of crews currently occupying the statistics. Admittedly with Caboose now working through any bugs which may previously of hindered this system, it is looking like an increasingly fruitful venture for most. Whether the benefits will however outweigh the risks, only time can tell.

The subject of updates brought us on to our next question. Particularly in the knowledge that there was division between the crews Bosses as to the best place of residence for their crew, how influential had the crew system updates been in The Prophecy coming to the stats? We put this to saieko, who told us, "I think the updates had a great influence on our decision. The crews can now offer some level of protection, where before you were just waiting for something to occur. I really think those updates helped out. Last time our stay on the stats was quite short. We're hoping to stay longer than a week or two this time." Whether saieko's hope is to be realized or not is yet to be seen. For now everything seems quiet in the way of action. But as we have seen of late, is can only take a couple of minutes to lose your spot!

Would The Prophecy like many others seek sanctuary in alliance? It has proved a relatively effective method of spot and statistics based retention for others this round, or at least it would seem so. Saieko however was none to keen to proclaim any such allegiance, as when prompted he merely said, "We can't say we have alliances with either crews, alliance can be a big word sometimes. But I can tell you that we have lots of friend crews on the stats currently." Should duty call, would these friends come to arms? Who knows!

It is clear that new crews are going to be something of a common sight this round, with more and more coming to the Statistics each week. This does not mean to say they will be staying, as can be already seen by looking through the graveyard of this round or indeed our weekly obituaries! However some will surely blossom into household names as has been seen before. All crews started somewhere, whether it be an idea of a lone wolf or a pleasant dream of a few friends. Who will last is yet to be decided. How they will react to adversity only circumstance will tell. But it's sure to be a bumpy ride. It's just a matter of time to see who will win this constant game of buckaroo, and who will indeed be bucked!
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