Sunday, June 15th, 2014
Issue: 8   Editor: FlameS

Once Upon A Time FlameS

At the home page of Bootleggers you have the possibility to read previous issues of the Bootleggers Buzz. Based on the great work of our previous writers, we present you a new weekly article; once upon a time. In this article we share some events which occurred exactly a few years ago.

    Round 5, Issue 28, June 17th 2007.

  • The Spartan Warriors return to the stats

    Round 5, Issue 78, June 15th 2008

  • Air resigns as moderator

    Round 5, Issue 130, June 14th 2009

  • MOON82 The New Jersey State Don wipes The Sacred Empire

    Round 6, Issue 32, June 13th 2010

  • Club Boogie shoot a number of high ranking accounts, wiping 4 crews in the process


  • No News

    Round 7, Issue 18, June 17th 2012

  • Zombie Campaign returns to the stats, FlameS gets promotoed to HDO and The Upheaval gets wiped

    Round 7, Issue 70 June 16th 2013

  • No News

    I hope these stories give you the same amount of nostalgia as they do for me.
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