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Behind The Name! CoastieII

I randomly choose, with my eyes closed, three different people from the user's online list. My interview with each participant is different, and hopefully slightly unique. I asked several game related questions about them, as well as a few random questions for what seems like no apparent reason whatsoever. So without further delay, let's get to those interviews.

Interview with Sam

1: I have to start off by asking, even though I probably know Where did your bl name 'Sam' come from?
"Well, I have to disappoint you, it is not my real name. It is a combination of the first letter of words that I like. "Salmon" - My god, I love Salmon, they smell so ... Fishy. "Alarm" - I am so obsessed with alarms, they can wake you up, protect your house and even tell you when your food is ready! Who the hell does not like alarms ? And last but not least; "Magnets" - Now are you probably wondering why magnets ? Well have you ever been really bored ? There is nothing as much fun as playing with magnets when you're bored! Then I realized that these three words form the first three letters of my real name which is Samuel! What a coincidence isn’t it?"

2: oh my.. I wasn't expecting that, that's for sure Well Samuel, have you ever considered getting a fish alarm clock in the shape of a salmon and putting a magnet on the back of it?
"Of course I did, I even have one. It motivates to wash me in the morning, because every time I smack it silent my hand smells fishy"

3: Interesting, so how long have you been playing bootleggers for?
"I think this is my 8th or 9th year that I'm playing, I've been way to addicted to bl, couldn't stop playing, even though I wanted sometimes"

4: I'm in the same boat man, there is just something about this game. I don't get it. Can you recall the best memory you have on this game over the years?
"The best memory of my bl career would be the moment I got to know Dutch Inc. Boss. Which was quite a few years ago. We became good friends and I don't think bl would've been the same without him"

5: That's very touching, to less serious things. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwhich of all time?
"The best sandwich ever; You take 2 slices of bread. You put a pizza in the oven, until it is just perfect, then you put in in-between your slices of bread. Of course there will be pizza hanging out of your bread, because who the hell has seen pizza size bread slices before? Eventually when your pizza fits your bread slices perfectly, you take a big ass bite and just before you hit the bread you pull the bread away, repeat until you finished the pizza. The weirdest sandwich I ever ate; I used to be in a youth movement and we were on a 5 days hike. On the last day our food joints were empty and we just came from a big party all hung-over and hungry we saw that we only had ingredients left that at first sight would never be combined. But... we were hungry and hung-over... So we ate Dorito chips mayonnaise sandwiches. It was horrible, but at least we got rid of the hunger."

6: I'm not quite sure I know how to do your first one, but the second one sounds horrible, I may of puked myself. Is there anything else you wish to add about yourself?
"I'll leave a word behind that I think every bl player will appreciate: 'Boobies'"

Interview with SuperStar

1: To start with, where did you come up with your name 'SuperStar'?
"When i was thinking of a name, i heard the word on TV"

2: They do like to talk about superstar's quite a bit on television eh? If you were to be an actual superstar yourself, what would you do? Actor? Singer? Sports maybe?
"Sports, Football(soccer) player."

3: What's your favorite professional team?
"PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) "

4: Nice, have you ever been to one of their games?
"Yes many times, no season ticket holder yet, but might get one this season."

5: Congrats on the possibility of it! Now back on track a little bit. How long have you been playing bootleggers?
"I did play like 3 years ago i think. then stopped playing after a year. now back since the start of this round."

6:Do you like all the changes that have happened from then to now in the game? Please feel free to list bad changes, as well as good ones.
"I think the whole crew change is pretty nice. I don't like that you have to complete mission 5 to rank up after Gangster, well it's not a bad idea but the waiting timer of 12 hours between the missions is a bit long in my opinion. The ranking cap is even worse.. "

7: You don't like the idea of starting back of at gangster? Or do you think there just shouldn't be a wait between missions?
"There should be a wait but not 12 hours. There are people that can’t finish these missions for days even weeks. So these people cannot rank up. Some missions take allot of time to finish so it's pointless to do OCs etc for those players. I think it would be better to have more missions but easier to complete. Then lets say you need to finish mission 3 to rank to Gangster, complete mission 5 to rank to Assassin etc."

8: I like that idea, most who have issues don't think of solutions. Have you made a help desk ticket suggesting this? The mods may like the idea as well! Now to the more important questions.. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich of all time?
"The best sandwich? like in bread? if so i have no idea, i like to create one myself with Ham, cheese, egg, salad and some sauce"

9: That sounds very interesting. Is there anything about yourself you would like to share?
"I only would like to share that i hope we are gonna have a great world cup 2014 with HOLLAND!!!"

Interview with Animobarbosa

1: To start with, where did you come up with your name?
"In English means morbidsoul, but it was already taken! Used to have this name in all my non bootleggers accounts. In high school I had a counterstrike team called Morbids, each one should pick a name starts with Morbid. So, I chose Morbidsoul."

2: Nice, I used to play that game quite some time ago. Have you ever played Combat Arms?
"I saw couple of my friends playing it. But I did not try it."

3: I used to play that quite often, and still do from time to time. So how long have you been playing bootleggers?
"This is my first round. This is my first account, a friend told me about the game! I tried it and I enjoy it."

4: What about the game do you like? Does your friend still play?
"In my opinion the whole game about family & friends! We can't get both without trust! That’s what I like. Sure he is still playing."

5: Nice, you've gotten the jest of the game pretty quickly then. Now to the more important question. In your opinion, what is the best sandwich of all time?
"Zaatar sandwich"

6: What is that?
"In English thyme sandwich."

7: Okay sounds good, is there anything else you wish to add about yourself?
"Nothing to add sir, but I would like to thank you for participating me. One more thing Italy is going to win the world cup!"

Well that is it for this week. I have yet to hear the same answer twice on what is the best sandwich of all time is. I suppose we may never have a definitive answer on that. Well I am going to be starting a new job this week, and I have midterms that I am going to hunker down for. With that being said, I will be on vacation; Joke has graciously agreed to continue my weekly segment of "Behind the name!" for the next two weeks while I am gone, have fun peeps! Coastie out!