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Such Crew, Many Not Exist Joke

Dogetime was one of the first crews to hit the stats page this round, and in their short life, they quickly became one of the strongest, most influentially appreciated crews and was full of funny, happy, very well liked, active and competitive members that formed a very tight group. Their reference to the Doge meme swept across the community faster than any fresh large shipment of booze from the border. For all those that do not know and never understood the reference or the language that followed, there is a youtube link posted following this article.

Dogetime began as a small gang of friends walking the streets that later grew into a crew of a close group of friends that called themselves The Dogeleone Family. For weeks, they were robbing the Deluxe Star Cinema 2 along with the rest of the community with the dreams of preventing this go-around from being like the last. They ranked up as quickly as they could, which was a breeze as they were majorily more active than most other crews, and worked hard to climb above the rest. Within the last few weeks, with the increased capabilities for crew capacities, they began recruiting to a very large group of over twenty five proud members. Then, as soon as their consigliere, StringsAttached, reached a rank above most, they opened fire and began shooting! It was much to the confusion of the community when the bodies started to fall, but even more confusing was their move that came next. The Dogeleone Syndicate emerged from the gunfights spread out across the country, with most of the top members of the crew proudly wearing The Syndicate pictures on their profiles.

The newest moderator (and in this writer’s opinion, the hero to the game), Caboose, who proudly wore the colors of the Shiba on his profile previously to joining the Elite Guard, came under a bit of fire this week as his former association and possible lasting connection with the crew was questioned. Caboose began holding competitions on the game forum in order to, as Doge reported, “test possibilities for future missions,” that required an expanse variety of skills. As the competitions began flooding the game forum, so did the victories for The Dogeleone Family. The first three were won by the active and cunning members following their brave leader, Doge, through to completion, and were publicly denounced from their ability from competing any further as the accusations started flying.

Many players began to wonder whether Caboose was truly impartial, or if he may be abusing his powers of Moderator and helping his former crew. Among the many arguments made all over the game in every avenue possible of his abuse, there were just as many to be found citing the pure absurdity that even though there have been plenty of examples of moderators previously adjusting the game in the favor of their previous crews or friends, Caboose is obviously not following in their footsteps and would never risk his new position for this simple, obviously a destined to be a short-lived crew. When the Buzz got a chance to sit down with Caboose over his dinner of Bangers and Mash, we were fortunate to have quite a lengthy discussion. When presented the question pressing on seemingly everyone’s mind, he briefly took a moment to appreciate the situation, “I think that it's awesome that the players of this game have such vivid imaginations,” before he began to answer questions notably quite clearly and concisely, “Obviously, players are going to think what they think, and people who are being outplayed are going to want to point the finger at someone else. It’s easy choosing to refuse to believe that someone could get a leg up on them without cheating. If I'm supposedly helping these guys, how'd they get wiped today?” When asked about how Caboose took the situation personally, quite respectably, he replied, “It's hard to be offended by completely baseless accusations, to be frank. The nature of the moderator role is that no matter what you do, someone is going to hate it, and I’m here to serve the players, so I will fill that role.” Before finishing our lovely dinner, he continued on to discuss further matters involving The Syndicate and Most Wanted, “Of course, I talk to some of the Dogetime guys almost every day, we are definitely friends, and I don't think there's been any secret about that. However, we haven't have super serial talks like I have with Most Wanted, because The Syndicate knows I'm not helping them. They don't need my help, anyway. I've spoken at length with the leadership of the MW group on this very topic, the game, and the future, and I think we came to a pretty good understanding of what's what, and I feel like it went well!"

Back to the shootings, after Doge, StringsAttached, Carcosa and crew dominated the contests, most notably, by killing TeddyDeserve, and by doing so, claiming the $50,000,000 reward, immediately went to work on shooting (and ultimately wiping) all the members of Haze Blazers. Immediately following the shootings of the Haze Blazers, and then The Crew, when the pictures began to appear on the profiles announcing that most of the members of The Dogeleone Family were actually members of The Syndicate. In a whirlwind of confusion. scurrying around were the police and members of the crew leaving everyone in shock. When everything finally settled and the last body fell is when it was first noticed the name of the crew was officially changed to The Dogeleone Syndicate, and that Friction, the only person in the game in the last few weeks to proudly sport "The Syndicate Does Not Exist" pictures, had left Dutch Inc. and picked up the Shiba coat. When the Buzz tried to contact members of The Dogeleone Family, there was very little response and only promises of answers in the future, staying true to the secretive nature of The Syndicate. The most any Buzz Reporter was able to overhear was that everything would become clear by reading the picture on the profiles proclaiming “The Syndicate does not exist, yet they are everywhere, sleeping, waiting…”

It should also be mentioned that in addition to wiping the Haze Blazers and The Crew, it was believed the occasional passersby had been caught in the crossfire as uncrewed players who had appeared to be simply minding their business had also fallen on to the stats page and into the graveyard, until Doge, and StringsAttached both announced on their profiles the members of TheFamily, Asura and Most Wanted were their victims. It cannot be certain, but it is believed Carcosa was the one the Buzz overheard mentioning in a joking manner casually to a friend that they had “done the game a huge favor.”

As anyone could have foreseen, no more than a few days later, revenge was achieved by all the members of the Haze Blazers, when nearly every member of The Dogeleone Syndicate fell. Unfortunately for a few members who were proud to be in The Dogeleone Family, yet bore no ties to The Syndicate, were still caught in the crosshairs of the hired shooters, TMM and bonomel, and many reported that they didn’t feel any resentment or contempt for Doge or any other members that turned out to be TS. One member who wished to remain anonymous told the Buzz, “I had the feeling it would happen sooner or later, I had fun while it lasted though. The crew forum was funny, and people talked doge with me whenever I busted them from jail… It was pretty awesome!”

Much to the appreciation of this writer, the boss of Haze Blazers, Moustache, came over to the Buzz headquarters with beers and a joint to discuss their wiping The Dogeleone Syndicate. In his opinion, it all started because “we (HB) weren’t contributing to any alliance, and we were neutral; just holding casinos and cash. They (TDF) decided that they didn’t like that and shot us.” As soon as they were wiped, they immediately went to work searching for TDF members and planning their revenge. “They didn’t give us any warning, they only said sorry after it was done. Then, they wanted to be "friends" with us and tried giving us some sort of proposal. But i didn't want to hear it. I dont know what his offer was, he asked if i wanted to hear it but I didn’t reply as the searching was already on.” And when we asked what was next for the two crews, the future seemed somewhat peaceful for Haze Blazers, “I feel like revenge has been served, and I’m happy now. So is the rest of the crew, and probably many more people and crews as well!”

So for now, it may appear Haze Blazers have earned and showed their right for a spot on the stats page with their return and expansion with the Purple Haze gang spot as well, The Dogeleone Family may possibly never again be a crew filled of great and awesome members, and all members of The Syndicate have again infamously returned to being UG, and may very well be that new friend you made today, or the one you've known from a ways back; for now they are sleeping, it is suggested you do not wake them up.

Of course, to understand the whole craze behind the Doge meme, Google and Wikipedia rarely fail, but this youtube video has a pretty hot girl in it and serves the same purpose, and even saves you the reading necessary to find out, so check it out if you’d like!