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The State Don Trio Joke

Saturday dated an explosion of high ranks racing to get to the top as everyone was abuzz to frantically commit another Organized Crime as quickly and as often as possible. There were dozens of posts on the classifieds for resetting timers, and hundreds more of organized crimes requiring only high ranks be allowed to join. A couple Respectable Dons had running posts on the Classifieds to advertise and get reset as often as possible. However, it was a team of close members in Death Valley that quietly ranked up faster than anyone else behind the scenes. It was all in a frenzy that everything happened; before we knew anything, early in the morning we witnessed our first Legendary Don, and before closing our eyes for some of us, we witnessed the first State Don. Many believe the next moment the site updates, we’ll see our first Nation Don later Sunday night.

“At first my eyes weren't really open, I was thinking I better not be dead! I opened my eyes and it was immediately like I had been awake for hours! I was over the moon that it happened so quick! I still can't believe I'm s don…” were the words provided to the buzz by the one to make the stats page first, SammyBoy became the State Don of Illinois ten weeks into Round 8! “I got the state I wanted, so if I didn't get Nation Don, it wouldn't bother me. Spartacus was the first State Don, though, I was just the first to log in. King and I ranked to Legendary Don 8 OCs after he did, in the same OC, even. I called it then, second state don! I was just the first to log in today and see the State Don rank there before me.” With little time to talk between an understandably horrifically busy time as the newly appointed State Don, he added, “iIt's a great feeling and worth all the hard work! It's a rank I have never made it to before! Now it's just about joining the rank for as long as it will last.” and shortly before getting back to bootmails he’s been receiving for the previous three hours, the wanted to tell the Bootleggers community, “Thank you to everyone who helped out! Thank you

It was told to the Buzz by Spartacus, the newly appointed State Don of Nevada, that the three of them teamed up from the beginning and religiously robbed state banks across the country at the very first opportunity presented, every ten and half hours on their timers to avoid getting caught by the cops. They rarely ever reset until Spartacus promoted to Respectable Don, and according to SammyBoy, “Once Spartacus ranked, we reset eight times until we were all Respectable Don. Not sure what started it, or if RDon just wasn't good enough, but that’s when the resets started.”

KingofDeath, boss of Death Valley was the last one to log in to the invitation waiting for him and chose to take California. It was let out that he had previously been promoted to Legendary Don, and logged out and went to sleep only to wake up to the invitation, so even though the other two suspiciously ranking up in one day implies there may be a bug or a change since rounds before, committing one organized crime is now apparently enough between becoming Legendary Don, and being invited to take a State spot. Because of the time crunch between their ranking and the publication of the Buzz, he only had one comment, short and sweet, “Thanks for all my friends who helped me reach the top, and special thanks goes to Sammy, Spartacus, and Evisu! They were awesome, they always backed me up with everything I need. I wish them the best of luck!”

The Buzz would like to congratulate the three players and commend them on their hard work. We would also like to apologize for this article missing anything or sounding odd, as being pressed into this publication within hours of all events happening has caused some things to be missed and left out. Good luck to our newest Dons!