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You’re sat reading a newspaper. As you’re about to finish up and get on with your day, a story catches your eye.

Bootleggers Buzz – 29th June 2015
Trenton, NJ

A large scale manhunt was launched this week, with prominent Trenton businessman and ‘financial consultant’ Leroy Cohen reported missing by family over the weekend. Speculation is rife as to the whereabouts of Cohen, who was last reported entertaining friends and associates at a ‘soiree’ in Atlantic City.

Cohen is no stranger to controversy, having recently beaten several prosecutions for money laundering amidst long-running rumours of ties to Organized Crime. While authorities have not been able to recover evidence of criminal activity, Cohen has been spotted with representatives from several prominent criminal gangs and crews; and it has been confirmed by anonymous Buzz sources that members of the Mancini crime family out of New Jersey are also trying to find him.

A New Jersey State Police spokesman told reporters that they “are currently pursuing a number of leads as to the disappearance of Leroy Cohen” and that there is currently “no evidence of any harm coming to Cohen, despite his home and office appearing to have been searched and inventoried recently.” The NJSP have called for members of the public to contact them only with any information, and immediately report any instances of either civilians or ‘undercover’ members of law enforcement pressing them for information.

You recall Cohen’s name but are not sure from where. Your thoughts are interrupted by a knock at the door. You open your door to see a familiar face.

“Come on kid. We’re going for a drive.”