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Clifton, NJ

Major criminal organizations have continued to thrive this week, with the New Jersey based criminal organization known as Padrinos Palace now being designated as a ‘Crime Family’ by the Federal taskforce for Organized Crime. This Federal designation on Sunday is hot on the heels of Final Redemption’s designation as a ‘Family’ earlier in the week, and the resulting changes in the criminal landscape that have followed.

An FBI spokesman has confirmed that this designation has been placed as a result of “Padrinos’ tightening control of illicit operations in New Jersey” and the need to put “additional resources into combating this criminal enterprise and the misery it inflicts on the communities they extort.” When questioned by reports on the Bureau’s ability to combat several Crime Families at once, the FBI’s spokesman urged citizens “not to panic” and stressed that these designations are purely used in Federal strategic planning. In a press release issued by the FBI this morning, the Bureau stated that they “ [have] the instruments and resources in place to fight these criminals, and various designations of ‘Gang’, ‘Crew’ and ‘Crime Family’ are merely to keep you, the public, informed of our on-going efforts and victories against Organized Crime.”

Despite the triumphant and, at times, defiant tone of the FBI; rumours within the criminal fraternity are rife that the Federal government is increasingly unable to cope with the demands of fighting three major Crime Families (The Vanguard, Final Redemption and Padrinos Palace) alongside the myriad of Crews and Gangs further down the FBI’s most wanted list. The strain on law enforcement has been further increased, with both the growth of New Jersey bullet producing Gang Sector Omerta into a fully established crew; and the emergence of the Merces Lefitfer gang out of Pennsylvania.

For now, it remains to be seen if the increasing criminal influence in New Jersey will continue to grow at the pace it has done so in recent weeks. An anonymous Buzz source, working as a ‘bookie’ for a mid-level New Jersey based gang has confirmed that “Padrino is everything this side of New York now. They have good relations with the wiseguy factions worth keeping alive and independent in New Jersey, and they keep the Bootleggers and Gangs in New York cosy. They also have the Unions by the balls. Anyone who argues gets dealt with; hell even my bosses in this racket are losing their gamblers hand over fist.”

Only time will tell how developments here in New Jersey will impact on the wider criminal landscape, and on the progress of other Gangs, Crews and Families. We at The Buzz will continue to report on developments as they come, and start looking at these newer gangs in next week’s release.