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The current, hostile climate of the Mafia world claimed a high profile victim this week, with the systematic massacre of the Padrinos Palace Crime Family on Tuesday sending shockwaves through New Jersey and the wider United States.

The attack, coordinated to take place over just a ten minute period, claimed the lives of thirty-one members of Padrinos Palace and lead to the destruction of several Family operated speakeasies, counterfeiting facilities and storage warehouses in New Jersey and surrounding states. Several parties that were rumoured to be affiliated to Padrinos Palace are also presumed slain, with local, low-level criminal operations also being significantly disrupted in the aftermath of the attack.

Testimony from eyewitnesses at several scenes points to this attack as having been carried out by a hit squad from rival Crime Family The Vanguard, with reports of a six man ‘shooting team’ acting under the direction of a ‘Shoot Leader’. Evidence gathered by Federal Investigators suggests that ammunition used to attack Padrinos Palace totalled 700,000 bullets, bolstered by illicit gold reserves of approximately 2,000 coins. This evidence was released under intense scrutiny, with Federal Authorities having been accused of taking a step back and letting Crime Families ‘at each other’ rather than working to break up networks and make arrests.

When reached for comment, Vanguard boss Ragabonz confirmed that the attack was organised by his Family after around a week of planning, and that this attack was started because it comes with the territory of being part of the “mafia game”. Ragabonz also told the Buzz that this attack was a means to “add some excitement” and show people that they “know how to shoot”. When pressed for comment on their actions against another neutral family, the Illinois based State Don confirmed that The Vanguard attacked another neutral Family as part of their own position of neutrality; and that the on-going ‘Alliance War’ will not involve them unless they themselves are attacked by a side.

At the time of writing, remnants of Padrinos Palace have already re-established themselves as a criminal gang while they continue to rebuild and consolidate their position. When contacted by the Buzz, Padrinos boss Link stated that “As far as we know, The Palace was shot by The Vanguard purely for reasons of power” and that Padrinos Palace is pursuing “fun” rather than seeking out power themselves. Link also confirmed that his Family will not be starting an outright war at this time, preferring instead to enjoy the game and the fruits of their illicit operations; but he also warned that they “will not accept” any future transgressions.

How Padrinos Palace will rebuild from this remains to be seen, with Link himself confirming that the “outcome [is] to be written”. We at The Buzz will continue to report on further developments as and when they arise.