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UPDATE/OPINION: Smoke, Mirrors and Mafiosi TrevorPhilips

The future of Mafia warfare appears to be changing this week, with several changes being made to how players display their profile information, wealth, rank and online status. It is thought that these updates have been made in order to facilitate more than one playing style, allowing more ‘neutral’ or passive players to play their own way without potentially getting caught up in current hostilities against their wishes.

In order for someone to now see the rank, wealth and crew affiliation of a fellow gangster; they now need to bribe local police to provide this information for them. The cost of this bribe ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the player’s rank category (Nobody, Associate, Made Man) and, like all bribes, could end with the payee empty handed and in custody. It was confirmed by Caboose that the risk of arrest increases relative to rank, and that further bribes cannot be paid if a player is incarcerated.

This update is thought to have been celebrated by more fiscally motivated members of the community (as player wealth now only takes ‘on hand’ cash into account), as well as players maintaining an ‘Underground’ presence (Users Online are no longer grouped by sign in date, and original sign in date is now removed). Crew affiliation is now also harder to identify, with this information also no longer being displayed by default.

In terms of circumventing the need to bribe authorities, it has been confirmed that any players found using the 3rd, 4th or 5th Private Investigator will have their information freely available to the player who searched for them. Players participating in an Organized Crime will also be able to see the rank of their accomplices.

Reaction to this update has so far been mixed, with opinion divided between those in favour of the update and those who feel that these changes are too prohibitive to both new players and to the ‘flow’ of the game. With the update still being digested by the playing community, the players’ reaction to this will be analysed in next week’s issue.

Your Opinion: What do you think of this update? Is it a significant improvement, or a hindrance to the game playing community?

Let us know your view by posting either in the article comments, or in the main Update thread in the Game Forum. Opinions we use in next week’s issue will be paid for!