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A Change of Editor JonSnow

To the readers,

The time has come for me to hang up my press hat, retire the typewriter and lock away the little black notepad of sources.

When I first came in as Editor, my role was basically as a firefighter to repair the damage caused by KeyserSoze and attempt to restore the credibility of this awesome feature. As time passed, and feedback continued to be overwhelmingly positive, my role became gradually longer term and I started to view the Buzz as more of a longer term duty. Now that we are approaching stability and have a good team pretty much embedded, my caretaker role can now come to a close.

The reason for my departure is because of larger commitments outside of BL. A recent promotion at work means I can no longer write as much in the office (which is where my output mainly came from), and family commitments mean I am increasingly busy on evenings and weekends. Rushing articles on my phone is no way to maintain the Buzz, and it is time to place the reigns in the hands of some dedicated and fantastic writers.

Going forward, I am pleased to confirm that MrSpicyD and Archon are assuming Editor duties, with a team that is currently expanding to include new writers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, enjoying and providing great feedback during my time as Bootleggers Buzz Editor. I would encourage you all to keep reading, keep enjoying and keep making the Buzz the awesome feature that it has been this round!

As a final message, I would also encourage you not to become bogged down in Bootleggers politics when dealing with the Buzz, as despite any writers' own affiliations, we have always remained fair, balanced and neutral. Refusing to speak to the Buzz on the basis of any perceived bias only damages the feature, and prevents the community from having a publication that covers both sides to a story. There have been rare occasions where players have complained about the tone of, or how they have interpreted an article, but have in turn then refused to provide their own side!

The Buzz is only as good as you in the community make it, and want it to be. The Buzz team are a dedicated team of volunteers, who give up their time and creativity to provide something for all to enjoy. Support it while it is here!

For now, this is Trevor Philips signing off!