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The Memorial Day Massacre Webster

Today there was another huge massacre in bootleggers, having two well known crews wiped within minutes. The Burning Legion (TBL) and The Vanguard (TV) where shot down and wiped off the stats page today, without any notice, from a up and raising crew named Primoris.

Once the excitement had settled and things calmed down after the shootings, I myself tried to interview the two bosses of Primoris about the current shootings. In order to find out the reason behind the wipes. In return we got no response back after the first day of the slaying.
Being left in the dark without reason for why theses shootings were made we were left with just the chatter and commotion within the game forums.

The next day I had finally received a message from Caprice, being told that the crew would take the interview and for me to message Berlin with the questions that wanted to be asked.

Berlin's(aka TonyM) Interview (Council of Primoris)

Let's start off with this question about the crew Primoris, so we can get to know you guys a little more before learning the story behind the slayings.

When was Primoris formed?

About two weeks ago we decided to try to get a gang spot to rank a bit safer than being crewless.

Who are the main founders/bosses of Primoris?

Me (TonyM), Caraken, Snails and Caprice.

What does Primoris wish to accomplish while being a part of the stats page?

The crew was made to rank, stock and shoot. We shot two crews, so we are ready to die now.

From a unknown source we heard that Primoris is TC (The Company), is this true and if not does Primoris have any connection with TC?

Lol, we all have Most Wanted pictures so it's obvious we are Most Wanted and not The Company.

Now that we have a little bit of an understanding of Primoris, let's move forward to the massacre that took place on September 7th.

Has Primoris been waiting for this moment since the crew was created?

Yes, our only goal was to shoot when ready.

Was this the first time the crew has did any shooting since being a part of the stats page?

Most Wanted has been an UG crew for several rounds on BL now and it always been a shooting crew.

We see that there were 2 crews targeted and wiped, any reason why?

We shot The Burning Legion and The Vanguard. That farmers crew was shot at the same time by The Burning Legion.
We were aiming for Don+ from TV/TSE/DV, both crews had LDon and RDons so that's why we picked them.

Now that the crew has taken action and wiped 2 powerful crews of round 9 what is the next move for Primoris as a crew?

Primoris was just a cover, so you probably won't see us back as Primoris. As Most Wanted we will continue doing what we always do: Pew Pew!

As many know from viewing the statistics page the game is left with 0 Legendary Don's after the current shootings and an estimated $75,000,000 dollars has been taking out of the game from the killings. The total money within the game has dropped over 2 billion dollars just within the month of August, and with it being September now it looks like there could be more Economy issues and murders in are horizon for Bootleggers.

~ Webster