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Stock market, trying to bring some light to a long, drawn out, boring feature.

This will be a long, drawn out, boring speech.....

The question is asked, are stocks simulated or are they player influenced.

My answer, with what ive observed...stocks are player influenced.

Heres why i say this(i would have screen shots of my findings but sadly they were lost when "The State" was wiped),
I bought 30k worth in stocks...and over the time managed to get the stock to a value of 4 mill and profit of 4 mill(i sold and rebought the stock for 8mill then was killed).

During that time i had managed to get most of my crewmates to also buy this stock and invest alot into it.
the stock was going to crash before we invested in it, an we ran it for a couple days....and made good money.
the stock went up...ALOT....and after we got wiped it dropped uncontrollably....and crashed.
After we came back, some of us tried to reinvest into the stock to try an save it...we ended up losing out, or atleast i did.

from what i observed, before the wipe we invested alot into the skyrocketed...after the wipe it crashed.
Basically what im saying is, after the players who invested into the stock died...the money was no longer in the stock
and it crashed....this is why i say its player influenced and not simulated.

We managed to make it go up, then watched it tumble to nothing.

Now how i play stocks,

Stocks can be risky, you can either get rich....or lose your investment. i personally think going halfcocked on a stock is having no balls.
When i invest in a stock i leave my investment till either it crashes or i finally bail on the stock.

Every investor in the stock helps it grow, when you sell the stock it drops. a stock is only as valueable as how much is invested in it....
No you will not know what others are investing into the stock, thats the risk....

lets say someone invested 100k into a stock, and you invest 10k...both the investments make the stock go up..if you sell your stock...
the other drops alittle but not drastically. but if the 100k stock sells and doesnt rebuy, the stock will drop significantly...
which if your the lower investor you may get scared of the drop and sell your stocks to try and save cash.

either way, the best way to look at that situation...if you wanna make money stocks can be risky you just gotta hope you invest in a stock when its low...and sell high.
the way i made my profit is when i would sell my stock, i would rebuy it...causing it to drop which could cause others to invest when the price was right...
causing the stock to go back up..the more i invested, or reinvested the higher the stock would jump after it dropped. every time i sold the stock and rebought...
the stock dropped more then it did the first time i sold and rebought the stock....but i stuck with it and with the stock topic i had in the crew i kept tabs.
tabs of when the stock went up, when i sold and rebought the stock, and when the stock dropped.

Im not saying my method is full proof, because i have lost hundreds of thousands in stocks as well....ive lost stocks worth 500k more then once.

The more money you have, the more you can invest into the stocks...if you buy max stocks each time sell and rebuy the same amount,
if you cant afford many a couple...sell it rebuy it and add more to it...eventually youll max the stock and make more profit.

I hope this was helpful and in some ways accurate to being a decent guide to playing with stocks.
Ill also like to add, before the wipe of "The State" i sold all my points and invested it into the stock market. after my revival, within the first day i had enough to oc with.
second day, i had over i have 500k in stocks 100k on hand and 60pts. i will not say my method is full proof, but it works for me.

Keep Screamin~sanity