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The Story of Bootleggers Slowly Being Killed? AlexanderETS

Warning, this will be a rather short story and not much effort put into.

When I look at the game forum I see at least 3 topics about bootleggers slowly being killed. They say everyone is leaving and none are coming new. It could be true that there are less players as an year ago. However does that have to be bad?

Personally I still think back to the time when The Gallows Union run the game with 2 crew spots. I believe this was in round 2. It was great back than. However their weren't that many players as there are now.

I personally think that a lot off the players have been getting old. Most people don't play an Internet game at their 24th ore something like that if you understand what I mean. Just like in normal life when you become old and you retire from work.

Saying all this I think we're going through an healthy process. The oldies are quitting giving the younger ones with a chance to try to set something up. New players will come eventually if the game is advertised well. And you all should stop whining.

Round 6 - Issue #41 By Razure